pug marks, 9/28

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

pug mark 1
The Free Press has a set of useful little charts up to show who the Tigers have signed for next year, who’s a free agent, who’s arb-eligible, and who’s under club control (mwah ha ha ha ha, they are ourrrssssss). Have a look, start your speculation engines, and note that things may not always be what they seem: while we have, say, Carlos Guillen signed for next year, he may not be spending next year at shortstop…

pug mark 2
You’ve seen Emily Smith’s photos ’round this blog before, and you can see even more at her flickr site. She’s now selling some of her Tigers photos over here, especially for YOU, Tigers fan reading this blog. A perfect gift for a Tigers fan, including yourself.

pug mark 3
Want more? Make sure you check out the Flickr Detroit Tigers photo pool. Some good stuff’s been posted there lately (along with some not-so-thrilling stuff, but hey, this is the internet).

pug mark 4
I’m sure by now you’ve all heard Jonesy talking about how he wants to test the market this offseason, not because he no longer wants to be on the Tigers but instead because he wants to control his own career a little. All well and good… but you know who this sounds EXACTLY like? Kyle Farnsworth. Wasn’t that his reason for not signing long-term with the Tigs, leading to his eventual trade? Not that many of us regret that move now, of course… it’s just that the similarity of the reasoning was interesting to me. Ballplayers seem to have a bit of a Thing about control.

pug mark 5
Charity makes the baby tigers happy, especially when it involves sports memorabilia. The Pat Maloy Cancer Scholarship is having a massive auction of goodies as a benefit. There’s a lot of Wolverines stuff, but also scattered pro football and baseball things. Basically, you can’t go wrong: you get gear, you give money to a good cause. The auction can be found here. It’s through the U of M School of Kinesiology, and ends November 4.

2 responses to “pug marks, 9/28

  1. I would shockingly not be upset if we lost Jones to free agency . . .

  2. Interesting blog. I don’t know if you heard yet, but Sean Casey is leaving the Tigers after this year (This is the TIgers Notes section of detroittigers.com)

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