Joel Zumaya blows up another part of his arm

You know, just yesterday I had a discussion with some folks about whether or not Zoom would be ready to close this coming season (I said no). And now this. Oy.

The Freep says that Zumaya is expected to miss half of ’08 season after shoulder surgery. Dombrowski should be conference-calling a bunch of reporters as we speak. I’ll update this post with details as I get ’em/when I’m not in class, and I’ll get some helpful images up later tonight. In the meantime, please read that third baseman poem to restore your blood pressure to its normal levels.

Zoom went under the knife yesterday for what the Freep is calling “AC joint reconstruction” for an injury he sustained while “moving personal items during the California wildfires”. Read: he separated his shoulder by moving boxes.

This is the third fairly major injury Zoom has sustained in a couple of seasons, and it’s the second more-or-less non-baseball-related injury. I am not pleased.

I’d also like to insert a quick personal note to Zoom himself.

Dear Joel Zumaya,
You are a Major League Baseball player. You have money. Hire a bloody moving service.
Minimal love until you stop doing this stuff,
Roar of the Tigers

edit: Post up, now with 100% more illustrated goodies.

10 responses to “Joel Zumaya blows up another part of his arm

  1. Word. And let me add:
    Dear Joel Zumaya,

  2. What the heck was Zoom doing?!?
    We need to put him in a special Tiger isolation chamber when not at the ballpark so he can’t bust himself… and no interactive games either. Just soothing music and lots of rounded corners.
    *sigh* I was liking this offseason quite well thank you… and now we’re already facing a bullpen crisis for next season. Here’s hoping Jonsey doesn’t get any nibbles from Atlanta.

  3. Ivantopumpyouup cracked me up.

  4. P.S- I have this gut feeling that Joel may never be the same again, pitching wise. I hope he proves my gut wrong.

  5. What the heck was Zoom doing? Evacuating his family from his home and helping some neighbours do likewise during those southern California wildfires, that’s what the heck he was doing. I don’t think anyone’s going to be thinking about much of anything beyond that kind of thing in that kind of situation.
    I’ve been close enough to a wildfire at least once in my lifetime, as a radio reporter in northern California sent to cover one in the foothills of Yuba County about a decade ago. I saw enough and heard enough to know this much—you’re not exactly going to be thinking about calling the movers when a wildfire comes careening down toward your real estate. (And even if you were, good luck getting them in—the odds are pretty good that, if you can find one at all in such a last-minute instance, they’ll have a hell of a time getting the trucks in depending upon how close the flames might be to the real estate.) You’re going to be thinking about you, your family, and your neighbours getting the hell out of there alive, period, with whatever you can carry at the time and however much you can carry, since for all you know in the moment you’ve got, basically, nothing but the seat of your pants between you and disaster.
    I say thank God Zumaya and his family weren’t injured more seriously or, God forbid, worse. And, that there just might be a few things more important than 99 mph fastballs in certain times and places.

  6. Jeff, I’ve seen nothing saying that the Zumayas were evacuated. He was moving some boxes for his parents… his dad has a broken leg and wanted some stuff out of the attic just in case they had to leave at some point in the future. That information wasn’t available before I went to class this evening; it mitigates things somewhat, but nowhere have I read anything saying this was some mad dash out the door with fire bearing imminently down on them, Zoom heroically sweeping babies through the city. Come on now.

  7. Moving heavy boxes in the attic when you’re a million dollar arm is a definite risk. He’s young and I just hope he’ll be able to play it safer in the future, even with all his health issues I know all of Tigerdom is pulling for him.

  8. Yeah, sure, we’re pulling for him.
    But it ain’t 2006 anymore. And it seems clear that for Zumaya, it isn’t gonna be. Damn.

  9. Goddamit Joel! Does that mean he’s not going on the cruise in November?!
    New nickname for him: Mr. Glass.

  10. […] Zumaya suffering further injuries this off-season, requiring surgery and postponing an appearance with the team until mid-season, the […]

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