Kenny gives Boras the ol' heave ho

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Well! THIS is promising!

First we heard that Tom Hicks wanted an apology before reconsidering Kenny Rogers, which was already a nice little indicator pointing towards Kenny re-signing here in Detroit, or at least somewhere other than Texas. I’m not saying that Kenny CAN’T apologize, or WOULDN’T, but Hicks was making the whole thing sound like he wanted Kenny to come crawling back to Texas, and I have a bit of a hard time imagining Kenny Rogers scraping and bowing to get signed somewhere when he doesn’t absolutely have to do so. I don’t think self-abasement is one of his strong suits.

Then we hear that Kenny has fired Scott Boras, although it’s unclear whether or not he’ll be able to free his soul from the standard Boras contract.

This really makes it sound like Kenny’s coming back to Detroit, or at least like he really wants back on the Tigers. Scott Boras does not care if Kenny Rogers is in Detroit or if he’s in Tampa Bay: if Tampa Bay was offering the highest price, Boras would encourage Kenny to sign that contract, and if Kenny didn’t want to play with floppy chondricthians, then by gosh, Boras would duct-tape that pen to his hand and MAKE him sign it. Kenny was always expressing at least some interest in coming back to Detroit if the price was right, whereas Boras always seemed much more interested in having him test the market and wring it for every last penny that was there to be squeezed out… which probably (hopefully) would not have been Detroit.

So by firing Boras, Kenny says two things. He says that he realizes what a slimy spineless hagfish of an agent Scott Boras is. And he also says that he realizes staying in Detroit is more important to him than absolute top dollar (‘tho we can assume he’s not going to sign with Detroit for peanuts), and he recognizes that Boras is ONLY after that absolute top dollar, so if Kenny wanted to protect his own actual interests he had to get rid of Boras.

Do we want Kenny back? For the right price (and, more importantly, for the right number of years), we sure do. I’d rather have him than Livan Hernandez….

5 responses to “Kenny gives Boras the ol' heave ho

  1. Best illustration ever. And the look on Kenny’s face makes it work.

  2. Boras fit so perfectly into his hand, it was like it was meant to be.

  3. Samara—So that’s how Kenny Rogers got the smudge on the ball of his throwing thumb! ;)—JEff

  4. Hey, if you’re handling Scott Boras, your hands are gonna get a little dirty… just comes with the territory, y’know. :)

  5. Love the picture, and even more adore Kenny for dumping Mr. Boras. I have never liked what Bora$$ has stood for, and will pray for an “anit-Boras” MLB…and heck, maybe professional sports. But that’s very much wishful thinking.

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