tiger-striped Thanksgiving

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Things to be thankful for:

– The ARod danger has passed. Stop the debate, embrace the Inge.

– Jimmy Rollins had almost the same year that Curtis Granderson had. Jimmy Rollins won the NL MVP, and Curtis Granderson wasn’t even the best MVP candidate on his own team. I reckon this means that we are AWESOME.

– 2003 is firmly in the rear view mirror. Although our team does have a lot of ancient, potentially decrepit players on it, we also have a bunch of young guys with some mad baseball skillz, and it just doesn’t seem possible that we’ll backslide into the deep dark pit of 2003 any time soon. We may have some years coming up that aren’t as good as ’06 or ’07, but they should not be as bad as ’03, and for that we should be VERY thankful.

– Dombrowski is a level head at the helm. Look to the lack of panicky moves so far this offseason. Not the lack of moves… just the lack of panicky ones.

– Mr. Ilitch gives us cash, cash, cash. Of course a team can have success on a much smaller payroll than what the Tigers have. But the amount of money Illitch allows the team to spend makes guys like Pudge possible, and makes it easier for the rest of the front office to go out and get the guys that they’ve targeted. Thank you, Mr. Ilitch.

Magglio’s hair. Although I saw a photo floating around somewhere of Maggs visiting with some children in Venezuela this offseason, and he had on a suit (nice) and his hair all slicked back (emphatically NOT nice). Let the curls breathe, Maggs. Avoid the goop. Everyone, including your own hair, will thank you.

– It’s possible that THIS will be the injury that teaches Zoom he needs to treat his arm more carefully than the average cat off the street. He’s got to learn the lesson SOME time, right? Right?

– Carlos Guillen being good to his knees. I am thankful.

– Verlander’s no-hitter, and the memory of it, which we may savor on cold baseball-less days this winter to recall the fact that there is glory in the world, and it wears a laughable goatee.

– The exciting prospect of a possible eventual Vance Wilson return to action! GET PSYCHED, TIGERS FANS!

– Anything and everything to do with Placido Polanco.

– Photoshop.

– Another year of turkeycats. Yum yum!

Happy Thanksgiving, cats and kittens!

6 responses to “tiger-striped Thanksgiving

  1. you too!
    here’s how much I miss baseball… While downtown today talking about the upcoming football game I said to a coworker, “I wouldn’t mind going to the Tigers game tomorrow,” and I didn’t even hear myself say it.
    April cannot come too soon!

  2. Don’t forget about TigerFest in January :-) I can’t wait for it.

  3. Your Polly turkey freaks me out

  4. That is the ugliest turkey I’ve ever seen! or Polanco is no where near done!

  5. tiff, see, the baseball yearning has even invaded your unconscious. We suffer together.
    ft, dunno if I’m going to be able to make it out for that. January’s usually a pretty busy time, but we shall see.
    Deaner, Larry, the horror of the turkeycat is offset only by the disturbingly awesome way that Polanco’s head fits so neatly into it…

  6. The thing I’m most thankful for is Dave Dombrowski… May Randy Smith rot in hell for ever and ever.

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