Maggs and tigers dash through the snow

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Happy Holidays from Roar of the Tigers! For Chanukah you got Hank Greenberg. Now you get Magglio Ordonez flying a happy team of tigers. If you really want to enjoy the image, you may click here to view it larger.

There is very little going on right now, and some might say that no news is good news. Personally I wish there WAS Tigers news right now, and if it was along the lines of “Holiday Miracle: Joel Zumaya Suddenly Sprouts New and Entirely Healthy Arm Like Some Kind of Limb-Regenerating Lizard!”, so much the better. Both Chanukah and the winter solstice have already come and gone, so Jews and pagans have already done their holiday wishing, but Christians and those who celebrate Kwanzaa still have time to wish for new and improved Tigers.

I suggest wishing first and foremost for bullpen help, and then for a hot young backup catcher. Merely suggestions, of course. If you want to wish for Magglio Ordonez to show up in your stocking wearing nothing but a Santa hat, that is up to you.

Those without winter celebrations may dispense with wishing and may choose to send letters requesting relievers to Dave Dombrowski year ’round, of course. Tigers for all!

So whether you are celebrating the holidays or just lounging around on your days off or simply feasting on candy canes when they go on sale in a few days (something people of all persuasions can come together to enjoy- I choose to interpret delicious peppermint candy as entirely secular, ’cause so far as I know, ain’t no candy canes in the Bible), have fun, Tigers fans!

And if you DO somehow or other get Magglio in your stocking, please let us know. That would definitely be worthy of a post ’round these parts.

9 responses to “Maggs and tigers dash through the snow

  1. I wish I would’ve gotten Magglio in my stocking…but alas, no such luck.

  2. That Magglio image is becoming my new desktop.

  3. Whitney – HOW DO YOU KNOW!?!?!?! IT’S NOT EVEN TIME YET!!!
    And yeah. I wish for three twenty-game winners.
    Verly, D-Train, and the Roaster.

  4. Now you crossed the line. lol Happy Holidays Samara!

  5. love love love My card! Thanks Sam, it’s gonna be worth something one day.

  6. If you want to wish for Magglio Ordonez to show up in your stocking wearing nothing but a Santa hat, that is up to you.
    Oh, man. That mental image alone is one of the best Christmas gifts a girl can get. Whoadang.

  7. Adam-
    In my family it’s tradition to open stockings on Christmas eve. =)
    But…Magglio wasn’t under my tree the next morning either. Maybe next year…

  8. Hello, I’m working on a relatively new Red Sox site and I’m looking for links for every other major league team. Would you be interested in exchanging links? If so, drop me an e-mail or a comment here:
    Thank you for your time.

  9. Whitney, I’m sorry your Xmas wishes didn’t come true. :P I hope the consolation gifts were nice.
    ivan, glad to help deck your screen!
    Adam, I’d be OK with that, you know, if they wanted to oblige. Yup. I think I’d be able to handle that.
    Happy holidays to you too, Larry!
    tiff, you’re most welcome! And I’d love if it were worth something one day, because that would probably mean that I’d made some money (or was dead :P).
    Ha ha, Brenna, I try to keep this blog gender-neutral most of the time, but sometimes I just can’t help myself, y’know.
    Ethan, you may link me or not as you see fit, however I regret to inform you that RotT only links back to Michigan or Detroit sports blogs (check the blogroll to see what I mean). No offense meant, it’s just a simplicity thing.

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