Jose Canseco goes a step too far, again.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Ugh. Now, you cats know that I am a fan of giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially in a written forum, even if that written forum is a blog that occasionally features an orange cartoon dinosaur. But this…

José Canseco, the former major league slugger and admitted steroid user who exposed other players in his 2005 best-selling book Juiced, offered to keep a Detroit Tigers outfielder ‘clear’ in his next book if the player invested money in a film project Canseco was promoting, according to a person in baseball with knowledge of the situation.

Four people in baseball confirmed that referrals were made from Major League Baseball to the F.B.I. regarding Canseco’s actions relating to the six-time All-Star outfielder Magglio Ordonez, who was not mentioned in Canseco’s earlier book or in any other report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. All four insisted on anonymity because they said they didn’t have authority to speak about the events.

The F.B.I. did not open a formal investigation because Ordonez said he did not want to pursue the complaint.
New York Times article

He’s denying it, Maggs is saying it’s no big and he doesn’t want any trouble, whatever, whatever, like anyone is going to say anything different to a reporter.

It would be one thing to put Maggs in the book. I am not even dealing with that right now; we’ll cross that road when we reach it and all that. But to say that he can keep his name out of the book if he invests in a Canseco Productions movie?

Hellooooo extortion.

Asked whether Canseco’s alleged actions constitute extortion, Daniel C. Richman, a professor at Columbia Law School and a former federal prosecutor, said it would be a hard case to prove. “A demand for an investment isn’t as obvious of a threat, and a jury may be less likely to see it as extortion compared to a demand for hard cash,” he said.
New York Times article

A rose by any other name, etc. Anyways, telling Magglio that his name will be linked to steroids if he doesn’t do Canseco’s evil bidding is, in the world of baseball today, definitely a threat: it’s a straight-up threat to Magglio’s good name and thus to his career and livelihood.

So hey! Jose Canseco! Throw up the names of my players alongside steroids if you think it’ll keep you above the poverty line a little longer. Go ahead. It’s happened to practically every other team out there.

But seriously, sinking to extortion? Way to reach all new levels of sleaze-baggery, you enormous irritated ferret rectum.


16 responses to “Jose Canseco goes a step too far, again.

  1. “Enormous irritated ferret rectum” is my new favorite insult.

  2. I am honestly just really frustrated that this book is scheduled to come out right before Pitchers and Catchers report, and instead of finally getting to focus on baseball, we are all going to have to drown ourselves in more steroid talk….

  3. Someone needs to take him out, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

  4. Maggs is such a class guy, not pressing charges. He has nothing to hide, he knows his name wouldn’t be in the book either way.
    Canseco, just get your cardboard box and sign that says “will lie for food.”

  5. […] him a liar, but it certainly makes you think twice about anything the guy has to say. Some of my fellow bloggers have done a very nice job of writing about this story if you’re looking for some […]

  6. ivantopumpyouup

    Canseco’s credibility is completely shot for me, after this. Clearly a desperate grab for money. All remaining .00001% of it. And that’s being generous.

  7. PfP, glad I could add to the lexicon. :)
    tiff, I most sincerely hope that Maggs has nothing to hide and that Canseco is just blowing smoke up our collective rear. And I think he’s already effectively got that sign out.
    ivan, yeah, that’s what I was sayin’. I mean, a lot of the names from his first book DID turn out to correspond to steroid users. But he’s been out of baseball for a while; I can’t imagine he has that much new information anymore. Which makes this second book seem not so convincing…

  8. Kristy, I honestly hadn’t even paid attention to when it was coming out (not like I’m gonna go rush out to buy it); it’s really coming out right before ST? Gawd, stab him with spoons, what a jerkweed.
    ivan, I nominate THE SPAZZOSAURUS!

  9. If it’s up to the Spazzosaurus to take him out, can we possibly delay that until September? Would be awfully nice if he was eliminated from feeding on nervous Tigers relievers during the pennant race and all….

  10. Maybe our Comerica Park herd of Spazzosauri can have their hunger quenched until All-Star break if they get to feast on Canseco’s absurd attempts to get himself news and cash.
    Hopefully he won’t cause more trouble for Pudge in his new book.
    Have I mentioned I’m ready for spring training?

  11. Jeff, I fear the Spazzosaurus would just make quick work of him and come right back to Comerica. He’s efficient when he wants to be. :/
    Paul, I think we’re all ready for spring training… heck, I’m ready for Wolverine baseball. Any baseball!

  12. Sadly, it’s not spring training when the book is supposed to be coming out. According to today’s Free Press… Vindicated is due in bookstores March 31 — the Tigers’ Opening Day

  13. There’s always the seagulls. Remember the seagulls? They were great.
    I think we need to trust Canseco and take him at face value. What does he have to gain by making a false accusation??? … oh… that’s right.

  14. LB, ugh, that’s both worse and stupid. Why would you release that book around Opening Day, when there will be plenty of REAL baseball to talk about instead of just steroid babble? If he was smart he would have released it at the height of the offseason.
    Dave, never shall we forget the seagulls, amen.

  15. No need for dinosaurs or seagulls–just his the man a fly ball:

  16. Ahhh yes rea, that will never get old. :)

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