Gosh, did the Tigers play today?

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Naaahhh. That wasn’t a baseball game. I mean, there wasn’t any offense, and there wasn’t any real pitching to speak of, so what did I just watch? I’m not sure. I think maybe it was the Rod and Mario show.

In fact, yes, let’s talk about Rod and Mario. Let’s discuss how they were WEARING SHIRTS THE COLOR OF THE COTTON CANDY THEY ALWAYS TALK ABOUT for tonight’s broadcast. Mario in blue, Rod in pink. Please tell me I’m not the only person who noticed that. Please.

I also enjoyed their discussion on the dangers of treadmills, and the story of how Mario nearly killed himself when his MP3 player unplugged and fell and shot off the end of the treadmill, and Mario nearly followed it. I really appreciated that diversion from whatever was happening on the field. What was happening down there? No, y’know what, don’t even tell me. I don’t want to know. La la la…


……ggaaaaahh OK, OK, WHAT WAS WRONG WITH VERLANDER? He looked GOOD in his last start! It wasn’t reflected in the numbers at the end, but he did actually look good for most of the game! And tonight he just, ugh, did NOT look good. His control was way off from what it ought to have been, hell, what it USUALLY IS. Why? Is it just the Jake? (or whatever awful corporate name it is now) I know he struggles in the Jake, but… come on! What WAS that?

Alright. Alright. Nevermind. Rod and Mario dressed up as the Comerica cotton candy. That was what happened tonight. Onwards with the season.

7 responses to “Gosh, did the Tigers play today?

  1. I noticed the cotton candy apparel.
    Not much else to say regarding the game…..

  2. Samara – You should’ve watched it the way I did…in bed with the volume turned down (so as not to wake hubby). I fell asleep right after the inning where we scored. (And, um, why didn’t Sheffield slide to avoid the tag at home? Just wondering.) Then I woke up just in time to see the final score flash across the screen. Much less painful that way.

  3. After he went 3-0 on the first two batters, I knew my stomach was in too delicate of a position to watch the game. When JV has it, he has it. Last night, he did not have it.

  4. It was a bit funny the first week of the season to laugh it off and assume the Tigers’ offensive struggles were just temporary. But three weeks in and they are still getting games with nothing to show for it, well, that’s not good.
    It’s bad enough the relief pitching is a joke, but when a pitcher like Bonderman gives them a quality start and he gets nothing in return, then you have a problem to address.

  5. Light posting hereabouts! Which is understandable if you take into account the end of a semester combined with a dispiriting weekend of baseball. I myself have been curled in a ball, whimpering.
    But things are looking better today! Right? I’ll probably still graduate! And the Edgar Renteria Power Explosion continues!

  6. Hopefully everything will start looking up, guys… Edgah has continued to be inexplicably good…
    Doc, the out-of-synch play (pitching on when the hitting’s off, hitting on when the pitching’s off) is a problem we’ve had before, and it is one of the most infuriating things ever.

  7. ryan gallagher

    Can somebody please direct me to the “Fire Rod and Mario” official club? Rod is ok, and hed be better with a better sidekick than mario impemba. Just seeing mario speak by himself on commercials and sometimes interviews, he is just so unintentionally cocky and full of himself. He’s one of those announcers who thinks his celebrity is on par with the players themself. Not to mention his annoying voice and made for radio face. One example, Rod and Mario went on for a couple minutes just talking about Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco saying how strong they were and talking about what great numbers they put up and how impressive they were. Mario even brought up the fact that they used to post what they maxed out at in the gym at the A’s ballpark, and followed it up by saying, wow they were just so strong. Any announcer that voices how impressed they are on air about how strong two guys that took steroids (allegedly for big Mac) is an idiot. GET THEM OFF THE AIR!!!!! Even the kiebler elf Josh Lewen was better than Mario!

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