vintage Bondo

It’s been a while since I felt good about breaking this one out.

It was an old-school Bondo outing in a variety of ways. The first inning was terrible, for one thing: Bondo threw 28 pitches and gave up two runs to start the game off. If we can call last season vintage, then that was definitely vintage Bondo. Go farther back, though, and you find the vintage Bondo who was capable of dominating big league lineups regardless of inning and, after the first, that’s also what we saw today.

Bondo didn’t give up a run for the rest of the 7.2 innings he ended up pitching. He ended the day with 100 pitches even, and if I remember correctly he had something like 84 pitches thrown going into the 8th inning. So after throwing 28 pitches in the first inning, he averaged around 14-per for the bulk of the rest of the game. At one point he retired 11 or 12 guys in a row despite the fact that he only threw 1 K.

Jeremy Bonderman, ladies and tomcats: better than you.

Oh, and there was the small matter of Placido Polanco HITTING TWO HOME RUNS, one of which came off of THE FARNS. For Polanco to hit a single home run is a big deal, he’s not a home run hitter, but to see him hit TWO…

As if that wasn’t fabulous enough, when he came back to the dugout, Miguel Cabrera greeted him with a FOREHEAD-TO-FOREHEAD RUB. All over Detroit kittens were spontaneously generated, and somewhere in Flint a car company rehired a factory worker. It was THAT amazing.

And of course we’re all aware by now that Jason Grilli was traded. You can see the post below if you want to have a look at that.

(ps: headrub)

11 responses to “vintage Bondo

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    PfP and I were both enchated by the headrub. Miguel Cabrera is so full of JOY. I love it.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    Also I wish we could edit comments >:\

  3. Headrub, yes. Headrubs for all!
    …and I hesitate to bring up the obvious and maybe screw it up in some way, but I’ve noticed these last few days that that young Granderson chap is one fine base-ball player. If this keeps up for a certain length of time, he would deserve to be declared the Most Valuable of players, or some such distinction. Just a thought. (Look at these cuckoo bananas . Not saying that’s gonna happen, but geez.)

  4. Yeah, it’d be nice if we could edit comments, wouldn’t it? I am hoist with mine own crappy HTML!
    I was just tryin’ to link to Curtis’ projected 2008 stats on ESPN, which are of course Insanely Great due to the small sample size and his generally awesome week. Fun to look at, though.

  5. This was a great performance by Bondo, and one of the most encouraging games of 2008.

  6. Grrr I missed the headrub. I need to see when my Miggy is rubbing other people’s foreheads?

  7. Also in the post game Placido melted my cold black heart… Fields asked him how he is hitting so good now and in his accent he was like “what can I tell you? I was lucky.” and then when he was asked about Bondo he said “when he throws well it is filthy.” heeeeee.

  8. PudgeforPrez


    tiff, almost every time Polanco talks to the press I end up loving him more, because he usually says something so adorable that I can’t even stand it.
    Matt, Curtis Granderson is perfect in every way, didn’t you know? In life and in the fantastical land of Base Ball.
    Also, sorry to everyone about the comments thing. It is indeed super obnoxious (I make typos on other MVN blog comments all the time and, since they’re not over here, can’t correct ’em) but it’s just either an MVN thing or a WordPress thing. It’s definitely more annoying when the comments decide they don’t like some chunk of html. So don’t worry if your comment looks bizarre, I understand that UR DOIN IT RITE and just can’t edit. I don’t think you’re computer morons. MOSTLY. ;)

  10. I prefer Moron-American. :)
    Feelin’ pretty good right now; just hoping the Metrodome doesn’t work its sinister voodoo. It’s harder to be scared of this year’s Santana-and-Torii-less Twins, but still–it just seems like bad things happen in that horrible, horrible place.

  11. Sinister voodoo indeed, Matt. I’m not sure what else we could call that game.

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