From the Hastily and Sketchily Drawn Sketchbook: 6 possible reasons the Detroit Tigers are struggling

Oh my holy cats I don’t want to talk about it. I have already talked about it. I talked about it in the previous post. I have nothing more to say.

I have also found that the more the Tigs struggle and the more disgusted I get, the more I want to just write this entire blog in sarcastic LOLcat language. We’re heading there, folks. It may only be a matter of time. I CAN HAS ACTUAL BASE BALL TEEM?

So: sketchbook! 6 possible reasons the Detroit Tigers are struggling, rendered hastily and sketchily, for your viewing (dis)pleasure!

Possible Reason #1:

Baseball am too heavy 4 Kenny.

Possible Reason #2:

The second-hand smoke generated by Jim Leyland’s stress-smoking is choking the rest of the team to death.

Possible Reason #3:

Somehow, unbeknownst to the rest of us, Ugie has come back. And this time he means BUSINESS.

Possible Reason #4:

Miguel Cabrera’s weird beardlet/goatee…. THING has so horrified his teammates that they are unable to carry on with life and baseball.

Possible Reason #5:

Why no Japanese players??

Possible Reason #6:

25 responses to “From the Hastily and Sketchily Drawn Sketchbook: 6 possible reasons the Detroit Tigers are struggling

  1. These must be auctioned off on eBay. I think I want to place the first bid on the Ugie sketch.

  2. Omg, that darn spazzosaurus will undo us yet… we need Hamsters to drive off the spazzosaurus and right the ship. Hopefully some National League action will get the Tigers headed in the right direction…
    I totally understand where you’re coming from wanting to talk about the Tigers in sarcastic LOLcat speak… my mind starts to twist the tiger games into weird LOLcat ideas so I can some how continue to absorb loss after agonizing shut out loss.
    Love the sketches, they made my day.

  3. It’ll be a first. JPEGs and PSDs auctioned off on eBay. I doubt Samara owns a printer. I know I don’t.

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    Odd, I never noticed Cabrera’s goatee before. And I kind of dig Kenny’s giant papier-mache head.
    Of course, I laughed out loud at the Ugie one.

  5. Absolutely brilliant!

  6. Thanks for the smiles!!

  7. Amazing. I think Ugie is my favorite but I also love Leyland’s martini-and-butts. You are so talented, yet so crazy. :)

  8. brilliant!
    I knew the Spazzasaurus would make an appearance!

  9. The Tigers are teh suk, but your sketchbook is awesome, Sam!

  10. OMG, I love these. Especially the Kenny & Ugie ones.
    I am sorry to say I hope Ugie and the Spazzosaurus follow your Tigers to Phoenix for this weekend….but after that, I really do want to see the Tigers right the ship and be the team I was expecting to see this year, because I was really looking forward to great things from them (for the 152 games that aren’t against my teams, anyway).

  11. no hamsters? regardless…spectacular!

  12. Apparently all my wallpapers at work belong 2 U. so hard to choose – no Japanese players or the lurking spazzasauras?
    When I had the cutest of hamsters, we have lost many games. Therefore, I am arguing that change for me will be good for all. :)

  13. Hamsters are a sign that we’re doing things right, guys. After all, getting answers is always a good thing, and we don’t have any answers right now, so necessarily: no hamsters. Sorry. (sorry also to any new folks who are incredibly confused by this. um. i keep meaning to make a ‘what is going on here’ page for the top bar.)
    And here I was worried that people were going to call me out on the fact that I obviously drew these while falling asleep. I’m glad you guys are getting a kick out of ’em (’cause cat knows we aren’t getting a kick outta the team).

  14. Ugie slays me. Possibly literally.

  15. Brilliant!
    Great stuff!

  16. You are the one bright spot in all of this. In fact, this blog is the only thing keeping me from succumbing to despair over this lousy season and ending it all via an intentional overdose of M&Ms and Guinness. So please keep it up! No pressure or anything.

  17. U squared is most definitely my favorite.
    Oh, to whomever said Leyland was holding martini, isn’t that a pack of smokes?

  18. ivan, it’s not really even a goatee, that’s the thing. It’s a…. well, I’m not sure what it is, but not quite a goatee.
    Ha ha, jeez Less, yah, no pressure! Although I gotta say it’s nice to know I can apparently always fall back on quick dirty sketches to keep you jackals appeased. ;)
    Matt, yeah, it’s an overstuffed pack of smokes, but given the level of, uh, artistic looseness in these, I can’t blame anyone for seeing other things in there.

  19. ivantopumpyouup

    Also– I was so fixated on the awesomeness of the ugie one that I missed Paws and his Japanese flag. \o/ I wish there was a way to emoticon a thumbs up.

  20. The Ugie one was hysterical! I am a bit confused on the hamster references though.
    Good luck to the Tigers the rest of the year… well after they leave Arizona.

  21. Yeah, sorry, I keep meaning to make a page for the top explaining all the weird references to folks wandering over. Long story short, some call-in on Detroit radio said, “Jim Leyland doesn’t have any answers,” I mis-heard and it sounded like he’d said, “Jim Leyland doesn’t have any HAMSTERS,” I am crazy and ran with that on the blog, apparently everyone else embraced the concept, and now we’ve got hamsters all over the place ’round here.
    This passes for logic at Roar of the Tigers.

  22. I can’t believe I hadn’t yet mentioned how this is one of my favorite things ever. I laughed at them all, but when I scrolled down and saw the S.saurus peeking around the frame of his panel I made an embarrassing sporfling noise out loud. That’s good bloggin’, that is.

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  24. Cheers on the Urbina sketch. That one’s a keeper! :)

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