Tigers roll up their socks and win

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Literally. The entire team had their socks up tonight, presumably as a sort of superstitious ballplayer luck-boost, and by cats, it worked. Barely, but a win is a win and we can’t exactly afford to be choosy these days.

I think the only player on the field who did NOT have his socks up during the game was Todd Jones. I was all set to castigate the Rollercoaster for being elderly and set-in-his-ways and an all-round party pooper, but after the last out Jonesy ROLLED UP HIS PANTLEGS to participate in the teamwide highsock celebration. This despite the fact that he did not have high socks on, and thus was showing a lot of very pale leg. It’s the thought that counts.

Most everyone else wore their socks up proudly and properly, with one exception in the form of Edgar Renteria, who had some of the most pathetic ‘high’ socks I have seen in ages. His poor sock effort was reminiscent of Cabrera’s Spring Training sock issues: woeful little anklet things. It was clearly Edgah’s attempt to avoid being the weak link (wet sock?) who won’t put his socks up while still trying to hold true to his personal preference for pajama pants. I laughed at him. I do not feel bad about that. With those socks, he deserved it.

Arrrrrrmando Galarrrrrraga looked great out there with his socks up and his pitches working. I know that the word on the street/internet has him getting bumped when Dontrelle comes back, but it’s hard to imagine that being a good thing when he’s been one of the more consistently good Tigers starters (as insane as that is). It’s not like we expect him to keep it up and become the next Greg Maddux or something, but if he’s able to pitch well out there, why mess with that?

Also looking mighty fine in his high socks: Matt Joyce. The kid is hitting, as Rod Allen said, like he wants to stay here, and his homer today was further proof of that. It ended up being the vital winning run too, which is no small potatoes for a young ballplayer in his first ever interleague series.

Most of you know that I have long been a proponent of the high socks for all ballplayers, all the time, for a variety of reasons (baseball uniforms look like pajamas without them; they make for better photographs, being an aesthetically pleasing stretch of color; they are a glorious part of baseball uniform history; etc.) (even better visual goodies when stirrups are involved). So I was WICKED PSYCHED to see the entire team taking a step in the direction of sock-rightness today, and even happier to see it play some tiny, mental part in a rare Tigers win.

Oh, and today we learned, via Kirk Gibson, that Jim Leyland’s nickname is HUMPERDINCK. This fact brings me only joy.


4 responses to “Tigers roll up their socks and win

  1. The entire team? That’s amazing. When I saw them in Minneapolis recently, I had an ongoing conversation with a Twins fan about the need to harness the magical power of the high socks, which make me happy in general.

  2. Oh, I squeed when I saw the whole team in high socks! I was mad at Miggy (in the most loving way) for recently lowering his socks…and his hitting went by the wayside too. But now that everyone’s socks were up, and they won…they have to keep it that way, don’t they?
    And Matt Joyce? Is totally our new LF. I’m not mad about it either.

  3. High socks are how it should be now and forever, amen.

  4. I’m glad we all have the right view of the socks, that being the view that everyone should wear them always.

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