Tigers baseball? What's that? Never heard of it.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I only saw the very tail end of this game because, as the image may suggest, I was at the Red Sox/Brewers game Sunday (if any of you are Brewers fans, I’ve got a lot of thrilling Brewers BP photos coming soon) and was thus either at Fenway or in the process of wending my way home from Fenway for most of the Tigers’ lackluster at-bats. I hear tell that the Tigers game sucked and to be quite honest I’m not really having too much trouble believing that.

I got a Detroit Tigers Robert Fick baseball card with my Sox program, so hey, that was my little bit of Tigerdom for the day. The conversation I had with my friend Amy (a dual Sox/Brewers fan with whom I attended the game) when I opened up the cards went as follows:

Me: Ooo, a Tiger. Ha ha, look, Robert Fick.
Amy: Isn’t he kind of a [bodily orifice related to excretion that I can’t write here because the MVN overlords won’t like it]?
Me: ….. yes.

I heard nothing much about the Tigers game until after the (bizarre and messy) Sox game, when Amy’s roommate Jen (a D’backs fan) called to tell us that Nate was throwing a no-hitter going into the 4th inning, jinxing him with an immediacy that is absurd and can only happen to crazy baseball fans who fervently believe it will happen.

I checked in again when my subway route took me back above ground, some time in the 6th, when I called home and got updates from both my parents on the various ways the Tigers were finding to lose (my dad, the Tigers fan, expressing frustration; my mom, the Red Sox fan, expressing mild amusement at our frustration). Then we talked about what to have for dinner. It was a more interesting conversation. (Conclusion: taquitos.)

All I can say about this game is that I hope that the Tigers don’t abandon the team-wide high socks just because of this setback. As we discussed yesterday, high socks are the correct aesthetic choice, not just a lucky charm.

Aside from Tigers in high socks, the only other thing I was sad to have missed in this game was (as reported to me by my parents) Rod Allen discussing the purported good looks of D’back Conor Jackson. I guess Jackson was a theater major in college, and his dad’s an actor, and somehow Rod connected that to Jackson being, in Rod Allen’s esteemed opinion, a hottie McHotPants? I’m not entirely decided on the matter, but I think Rod may be on to something here. What say you lot? Maybe? Hot or not?

(Really I just want an excuse to use the still-new “all-consuming manlust” tag.)

Oh, and another question for you readers. Tomorrow (Monday) is an offday (thank cats), and I was intrigued by the liveblog chat things folks like Billfer and the Dugout have been doing. I suppose the idea is that it would be like a big chatroom, and you could ask me things like, “Why do you call Renteria ‘Edgah’?” and, “What is your favorite color?” and “What is your opinion on the impending Galarraga/Willis situation?” and “How do you draw an eye so it doesn’t look like a deformed football?” or, you know, whatever else struck your fancy.

If I stick one of those things up around 7 pm Monday, when there would normally be a game on, would anyone be interested, or would it just be me talking to myself? Er, I guess we’ll see around 7 pm Monday.


8 responses to “Tigers baseball? What's that? Never heard of it.

  1. I’m going to throw in a vote for Conor Jackson being pretty damn hot. Rod Allen has good taste in men; who knew?
    I would be on board with a liveblog if I was going to be home at that time, but I won’t be in until later. :( I hope you do it anyways because I feel it would be fun to read even after the fact (is that sad? probably, right?).

  2. Jen the Arizona fan

    I heard nothing much about the Tigers game until after the (bizarre and messy) Sox game, when Amyís roommate Jen (a Díbacks fan) called to tell us that Nate was throwing a no-hitter going into the 4th inning, jinxing him with an immediacy that is absurd and can only happen to crazy baseball fans who fervently believe it will happen.Seriously, Upton got that hit 2 rings into my attempting to call Amy to announce (in an attempt to get the Dbacks a hit) that Nate was currently throwing a no-hitter. I was amazed, I didn’t even have to say anything.
    As far as Conor Jackson: he is very nice to look at, but not yet actually hot. A little too pretty. He should call me in 2012, maybe 2013, somewhere around there. (I mentioned once that he could benefit from a broken nose or some other facial scuffing, and ten minutes later Shane Victorino ran over him while he was looking for a late throw, and although he only got a concussion and a bruise and sustained no lasting effects to his looks, I felt so immensely guilty that I am now just going to count on the passage of time to season him a little.) The rear view isn’t too terrible in the meantime, though.
    But congrats to the Tigers on yesterday’s win. I still am trying to process the fact that Scherzer walked Galarrga. You can’t ever walk an AL pitcher with 2 outs, never mind one that green.

  3. Jen the Red Sox fan

    Also, I love the photo on this entry. I was so happy to see him in the lineup last night, and loved his acknowledging the fans at his at-bat (even if most of the park seemed a little slow on the uptake).

  4. As far as the high socks..
    Magg’s had his socks at the level “high” at the start of the game. By his last at bat he returned to his baggy low look.

  5. Also, Marcus Thames did not participate in the high socks. I blame the lack of hitting on his non-participation.
    (no I don’t but you know what I mean – don’t abandon the socks!!)
    I love that liveblog thing, but I can’t do it tonight. I will review and giggle as appropriate though, if you do.

  6. PfP, that’s too bad, ’cause I have a sneaking suspicion it’s just going to be me. :P We shall see.
    Jen, basically we need to figure out how to harness your power for good, yes?
    Jules, that is a CATDAMNED SHAME. Sigh. Stupid pajama pants.
    tiff, see, why fight the socks when they are so obviously superior in every way? Foolish ballplayers.

  7. Hey, former Michigander:
    Bobby Korecky, who recently was a Woverine, got hist first major league win last night for the Twins. He also got his first major league hit in his first major league at-bat. Strange, strange game. Just thought you’d like an update one of your own.

  8. Oh wow, I was gonna say, I didn’t even know he was up! Fantastic. I love love LOVE it when Wolverines make it to the bigs, even the ones I never saw play in AA, heh. I think Korecky left Michigan right before I got there.

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