Talkin' to the Tigers blogger. Maybe.

OK kids and kittens, let’s see if anyone pops in for this.

It’s an offday, so, if it ends up just being me, I’ll either delete this post later or leave it up and liveblog a Red Sox game you will not be interested in. We’ll see.

This should be fairly self-explanatory. At 7 pm it’ll be open for business (not before! just leave it be before 7!) until I decide to turn it off; there should be a pretty obvious place where you type in whatever questions or comments or whatever that you’ve got, I’ll be responding, and it should proceed swimmingly if, again, anyone actually shows up. You’ll be typing in the big pretty box in the middle of the post, NOT in the comments section that you usually use. Shouldn’t be too complicated.

You will NOT have to refresh/reload your browser to see this thing update, as it ought to update live, kinda like a big chatroom. That’s why this is preferable to a comments thread or something else of that ilk.

Since there’s no game and this is just to give us something new to play with on a non-baseball day, this is an opportunity for you, readers/Tigers fans/people who are not Tigers fans but are here anyways, to chat with me, the crazed blogger. Blog questions? Baseball questions? Life questions? Comments? Etceteras? Go for it. It’s more like a Q and A than a chat, because it’s not a free-for-all, and the questions come through me before they get posted, but I’ll put up pretty much anything you send. All I ask is that you keep swearing to a minimum, as MVN doesn’t like it. This particular corner of MVN does strongly encourage creative replacement of swear words with others, though, so if you need to call Jim Leyland something rude, call him a filthy bandicoot-sock or something.

Here goes… hopefully this won’t break the site… click the link and the liveblog will appear in a new window…

RotT live chat test

ETA: Well, that went better than I had expected, although at the end we sort of dissolve into pointlessness and anarchy as some of us were watching Jon Lester throw a no-hitter (eee!). If you missed it, you can reread the whole thing by just clicking on the box, and if you can’t figure out how to scroll through it, just move the horizontal scroll bar to see the proper vertical scroll bar (I had to shrink the window a little to get it to fit in the MVN column). Again, thanks to everyone who participated! It is good to know that we are all insane together.


10 responses to “Talkin' to the Tigers blogger. Maybe.

  1. Congratz on the Lester No no! I got to watch the last inning on ESPN and was thinking of the web blogging. Nice way to wrap it up I’m sure. :)

  2. aw, bum city I missed it!

  3. also I can’t get the chat to scroll, but I’ll rest assured that someone mentioned the Sports Illustrated curse.

  4. Yeah well after a while we couldn’t end it, not with a no-hitter going on. Can’t mess with the mojo!
    tiff, did you try BOTH horizontal scroll bars, inner and outer? I know it’s a wee bit of a mess at this size, but the scrollin’ should all be there.

  5. my my! I scrolled, I scrolled! Boy did I scroll.

  6. Oh for sure, I think it worked out well enough that we’ll definitely do it again. Maybe the next day-time midweek game? Not tomorrow, though, ’cause I’ll be at the Sox game.

  7. ivantopumpyouup

    I think you should do this again so I can actually participate. :P

  8. This should be done during every Lester start.

  9. I’m totally down for another round!

  10. […] I open it up to you. Bilfer and Samara had live Q&A sessions. I’ll have mine in my comments. What questions about the Tigers do […]

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