the more things change, the more they stay the same, by which I mean the Tigers lost again

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Much has happened since I last had occasion to write about a Tigers game (since I was out of town, then jet-lagged, and yesterday was an offday). The DL has claimed as victims Gary Sheffield (oblique strain), Ramon Santiago (separated shoulder, on a play that looked horrifyingly like the one that busted up Polanco), and Clete Thomas (retroactive, sprained ankle).

Brandon Inge tweaked his own oblique, but as he hit a home run tonight I’m hoping it wasn’t anything major (of course, this is a guy who temporarily hit BETTER with a broken toe than he had without one, so maybe he just hits well when his system’s flooded with pain-related adrenaline or something).

Aquilino Lopez is on the bereavement list. Bautista, Clevlen, Hollimon, Larish, and Casey ‘lol Curt Schilling trade’ Fossum are all up with the big league team.

Whew. Is that everything? Oh, of course: in my absence, the Tigers have mostly been lose-ity lose losing. Since this is also what they’d mostly been doing BEFORE I left (except against the Mariners, apparently the only team they can beat up on), I can’t even superstitiously joke that my blogulous absence had any impact. Sigh.

And there was a draft, but Matt handles that sort of thing. I’ll only note, since he didn’t, that a number of Wolverines got drafted, although, sadly, none by the Tigers. Jason Christian went to the A’s in the 5th round; Zach Putnam, Adam Abraham, and Nate Recknagel were all drafted by the evil Indians (who took Doug Pickens last summer); and Michael Powers went to the Mets.

Now that should, finally, have us mostly caught up to today, when the Tigers played the Indians and… ta dah! lost yet again. Plus Áa change and all that. The Tigs are now firmly under .500, in fact right at .400 and saved from pure bottomless ignominy by the presence of the Royals, who have been busy reminding everyone that they are in fact the Royals.

As for the Tigers, it was all too typical in the weird, should-not-be-typical-at-all way that they’ve got goin’ on this season. Verlander looked, at first glance, like he might be in line for a good start: he was throwing hard and striking guys out with a vengeance. Too bad he was also walking guys and throwing a bazillion pitches and grooving curveballs at the worst possible time. It looked, to be honest, like a very YOUNG outing, as though this was Verlander’s first year up once again and his offspeed stuff had disappeared, leaving him with hard but sadly predictable fastballs. Point being, we’ve seen it all before.

Really the only new thing in this game was Jeff Larish, who hit his very first home run and earned himself a spot at the top of a RotT post, having his Magglio-esque hair critiqued by the master. That one run shot and Brandon Inge’s similarly singular homer combined for the entirety of the Tigers’ scoring on the day. Weird. Weak. Inexcusable.

But, this season, sadly familiar.

3 responses to “the more things change, the more they stay the same, by which I mean the Tigers lost again

  1. Leslie Monteiro

    Who stinks more?
    The Twins or the Tigers, Samara?

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    Zach Putnam is an Indian? o noes. :(

  3. Hm, well, hopefully the Twins!
    I know, ivan, I’m hoping he gets traded somewhere less evil. :P At least with Abraham, he’s not a senior, and he went low enough that he might come back to Michigan for another season.

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