Verlander vanquishes Vasquez

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

A victory we can value, this vanquishing of Vasquez by our very own Verlander. Valorously vexing the verminous Wrong Sox is a vastly virtuous thing for Verlander; verily, for any veteran aware of the Wrong Soxian venom, this I do vouchsafe. Not to veer into victimization, but the Sox are in all veracity vastly virulent and divisional vengeance must be ours.

And I’m giving myself a headache with that, but you get the picture.

Verlander threw a great game (although the fact that it’s only the second complete game since his no-hitter last year is a charming mix of pathetic and crazy), gave the bullpen a rest, basically just took his two or more steps up and did what the team badly needed him to do. Anything to bring that win total up too– as Mario said during the broadcast, Verlander’s record is almost painful to look at.

This version of Verlander– the one with his fastball and his offspeed pitches more or less intact–seemed vintage.

Which doesn’t really explain his previous starts, but maybe the haircut had something to do with it? Maybe those sideburns were holding him back, man, so he just had to get rid of ’em. Whatever, I”ll take it.

Reminder that tomorrow (that is, Thursday) is a liveblog, starting at around 1 pm eastern time. Hope to see you lot there!


One response to “Verlander vanquishes Vasquez

  1. I going to the game on Thursday!!! First game this year

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