Liveblogging an epic battle of good vs. evil: Tigers vs. Wrong Sox

photo by Samara Pearlstein

As with last time, this should be fairly self-explanatory. At 1 pm this’ll open for business until around 4 pm. If the game is over by then, yay, if not… well, I have to leave the house at that point anyways, so too bad. Unlike last time, this is NOT a Q&A, it’s a liveblog. You ARE encouraged to say something if you’ve got something funny/interesting to say, but for the sake of keeping things tidy I may not post every single thing that gets submitted. If you’re familiar with the Baseball is Boring Dugout posts, we’re going for a similar style over here. If there’s interest, I may do a more conversation-driven Q&A at some point in the future.

Oh, and if you can’t get the window to scroll for you, remember that there may be a horizontal as well as a vertical scroll! And of course you don’t have to refresh your page in order to see this thing update, it updates itself.

We’ve got Kenny going up against a guy who was once dead convinced that the Rangers were secretly signaling to each other via the outfield lights. Click the link to have the liveblog open in a new window!

Wrong Sox at Tigers, Roar of the Tigers liveblog, 6/12/08

Hopefully that will work…


2 responses to “Liveblogging an epic battle of good vs. evil: Tigers vs. Wrong Sox

  1. thanks for the liveblog! I was at the game, and it didn’t really come off as an irritating lack of runs as much as a pitchers duel…although without the Error I doubt we need the walk off… but anything that makes Miggy a hero, I can get on board with! Wahoo!

  2. Maybe it was because I wanted a fast game, but that many singles and nothing done with ’em… ugh, it was definitely less ‘beautiful pitcher’s duel’ and more ‘argh i claw out my own eyeballs in frustration’.

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