Galarrrrrraga's pitches dodge the Dodgers' bats

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Arrrrrrmando was just one of a great many awesome things to happen in tonight’s game, but what a glorious awesome thing he was. Again a starting pitcher stepped up and threw a better-than-solid outing; I don’t think we’ve had this many in a row all season prior to this. Who knew that all we had to do was trick the rotation into thinking Jeremy Bonderman was dead?

Three hits in 7 innings is great, especially when none of those hits led to runs. In fact, only one was an extra base hit– Loney’s triple. The official site claims this is the first shutout the Tigers have pitched all season, which seems wrong to me, maybe because it’s just so completely unbelievable, but what the heck, if it is, even more reason to give Mr. Galarrrraga top billing here. Arrrrrrrrmando gave up one walk and struck out five. He now has a 6-2 record. ARMANDO GALARRAGA. Justin Verlander is 3-9. It’s foolish to put too much on any one player, for good or ill, but without Arrrrmando doing what he’s done as a starter, the Tigers would be a paper sack of used kitty litter right now.

Other awesome things from tonight’s game:

–The Nonfight of Infinite Lulz. Normally when a guy gets hit and a pointless nonfight breaks out, you can blame the batter, but this one is squarely on Cory Wade, and I’m not just saying that as a Tigers fan. So Carlos stared down at the mound. Oooooo, DEAL. That’s what batters DO when you hit them high up, buster. He didn’t say anything, and the couple steps he took were immediately headed off by Russ Martin. The whole thing would’ve been a non-nonfight if Wade had kept his mouth shut and gone back to pitching, but no, he had to pop off at Carlos. Weaksauce.

Cabrera wanted to fight SO badly, it was too bad he was doomed to be disappointed. Seriously, though, the second Carlos got hit Miggy was up on the top step, pretty much out of the dugout already, practically QUIVERING in anticipation of the potential brawl. I’m not sure if it was because he’s THAT protective of Carlos/his teammates, or if it was because he’s THAT psyched to fight with opposing teams, or if it was because he was THAT terminally bored, but it was charmingly hilarious regardless.

When the bullpens ran out I lost it and started laughing out loud. Nobody was even fighting! They were standing around! They didn’t even really have time to mill about properly! What’d the bullpens think: “Oh schnauzers, they can’t awkwardly bump into each other unless we’re out there to join in the madness!”? Oh BOYS.

–The River Thames hitting yet another home run and Raburn going 3-for-3. The struggle for playing time has a bunch of outfielders doing wicked things (Thames and Raburn at the plate, Clevlen in the field). Everyone wins! Until someone gets sent down or bumped from regular use; then everyone wins minus one deeply bitter dude.

–Freddy Dolsi pitching well AGAIN, and Brandon Inge’s love for him after the final pitch. Did you see that? He went up and HUGGED him, then backed off and slung his arm around Dolsi, talking to him as they walked off to do the ‘yay we won, celebrate with our victorious selves!’ high five thing. Most pitchers get a pat on the butt, a squeeze of the shoulder if they did particularly well, and Inge is not nearly as touchy as Pudge is. I wonder what made him break out the serious love for Dolsi here… not that I’m complaining, just curious. Highly enjoyable in any event.

Tomorrow the new kid whose name always makes me think of ‘bovine’ and ‘cows’ goes up against Brad Penny, who was clipping his nails in the dugout today during the game. Gross. Go Tigers!


10 responses to “Galarrrrrraga's pitches dodge the Dodgers' bats

  1. Leslie Monteiro

    I had a feeling the Tigers were going to be okay if Bonderman was out based on what Galarraga has done so far this season. Galarraaga has to be favorite for Rookie of the Year in the AL.

  2. Inge was overcome by the sexy

  3. That tiger/Arrrrmando image is terrifying, yet compelling.

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    The Nonfight of Infinite Lulz provided me with many lulz last night. Particularly the bullpen trotting out like, “Do we HAVE to do this? Nothing’s even gonna happen. Oh well, wouldn’t look good if we didn’t. Let’s get out there.” And of course, the two stragglers bringing up the rear. Miggy though, Miggy was awesome. With the “incredible Hulk!” look in his eyes. He was desperately looking for an excuse to punch someone in Dodger blue. Amazing.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks “Cows” when they think Bonine.
    Seriously, earlier today, someone was asking me who was pitching today and I said, “Oh, the new guy, Bovine… I mean Bonine.”

  6. A new theory on Miggy being first out of the dugout…when Guillen was hit by the pitch, it put Cabrera on deck. So he was walking out of the dugout to the on-deck circle. Not as exciting, but probably more likely.

  7. I wasn’t expecting much from Galarraga but he continues to roll. I agree the Tigers would have been in trouble without The Big Cat.

  8. I am glad that everyone else is feeling the Galarraga love. One more good start for him and it may be time to pass the pimp hat torch…
    billfer, A++ comment.
    Tony, were you listening on the radio? Miggy wasn’t on deck and he wasn’t even looking at the on deck circle. It wasn’t really ambiguous.

  9. I sure wish Miggs had gotten to rumble. It would be unmitigated joy on my part to watch.

  10. ivantopumpyouup

    Tony, Miggy looked pretty PO’d to just be non-chalantly heading to the ondeck circle. He kinda charged right on outta the dugout actually.

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