a Tigerlicious present for you

Since we had the offday Thursday, and Friday’s game doesn’t start until 10 pm, here’s a little something to tide you over: desktop images!

All of these wee images will take you to a 1024×768-sized version when you click them. I know this isn’t everyone’s computer desktop size– in fact it’s not even MY desktop size– but it’s a standard one, and I am lazy. These images are for you, the reader. Feel free to download them, use them for your computer desktops, print them out and hang them on your walls, share them with your friends and/or enemies, whatever. I only ask that you not post them around elsewhere on the internet without attribution. Yay? Yay.

That’s all for now. There will probably be more at some undetermined future point in time. Remember, Bo(v/n)ine/Maddux at 10 tonight, for all your hilarious pitching mismatch needs! Go Tigers!

14 responses to “a Tigerlicious present for you

  1. We can always count on Samara to have the hamsters even if the Tigers don’t have any hamsters.

  2. Yeah. Though I’d have gone with the picture with the hamster on Polanco’s shoulder. I actually had that one on my desktop for a while.

  3. SO AWESOME! Thank you!
    Also, Matt, I had that Polanco/hamsters = OTP as my wallpaper as well. It stretched juuuuuuust fine. Though, of course, I prefer having two ADORKABLE hamsters with their little hats perfectly sized. And the Spazzasaurus ones in case that wallpaper is a jinx or something. :)

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    These are all terrif. I can’t decide which one to use. I hope Ugie is in the next batch. :P

  5. Oh, I’ll be rotating. I need to make these into a screensaver!

  6. Nice backgrounds, especially the Holy Cats one.

  7. Wow, these are very nice! Did you use HDR on any of them?

  8. Glad you like ’em, guys!
    Matt, I’m not sure if I have that Polanco hamster image in 1024×768 or not. If I do I’ll throw it into the next batch.
    And for sure Ugie will show up at some point. :P
    Phil, nope, I’m afraid I haven’t ventured into the wilds of HDR yet, heh. I just got lucky with good skies! People keep telling me it’s worth a shot, though…

  9. Awesome, I’ve been wondering if/when this would show up. You’re the best Samara!
    Keep up the wonderful Tiger commentary and always amusing Tiger whimsy to keep us entertained and enlightened!

  10. You must have amazing skillz and a great camera then! Especially the nighttime one of the whole stadium with the bright green field and blue sky is awesome.

  11. That hamster one is great. My new desktop. Lets just hope it’ll help the Tigers win…

  12. Also, if ever at some point in time you get super cat-diculously bored, and feel like making these into widescreen 1680×1050 resolution wallpapers, myself and my monitors would be forever in your debt :)

  13. Ugie cheezing it would be sweet.

  14. Look at the first three images…

    Background 1: Tiger is a prowling atop baseball park, perched high over Pewabic Pottery Tiles, surveying his Woodward kingdom. He looks down. He spots…prey…

    Background 2: Tiger leaps toward prey, sprouting butterfly wings and antennae. The world turns blue…

    Background 3: Tiger is upon ye! RAWR!

    (Background 4: lolcat)

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