Marcus Thames saves our tiger-striped bums

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Marcus Thames is a beautiful bat-wielding man and anything else that I type on the subject is simply not going to do him justice. Eight out of his last nine hits have been home runs. I no longer know what to even do with that information because it is so intensely crazy. Today, his 2-run blast was the deciding factor. The River is majestic and mighty and we had best enjoy it while it lasts.

The bullpen today was pretty good, probably because neither Fossum nor Rodney pitched. Leyland apparently has a scheme in place to set Fernando to rights again. Every other day or so, he’ll throw a bullpen session off a mound. Not hard, just to the catcher. The idea is that throwing to the catcher on a regular, non-reliever-y basis will help him regain his so obviously lost control. My thoughts upon hearing of this: yes, throwing the ball to the catcher is indeed a vital baseball skill. Also, if this is what he has to do, so be it, but does he really have to do it while taking up space on the major league roster? Inquiring minor league pitchers want to know.

There was a moment in this one where both Inge and Guillen went for a foul ball and got tangled up with each other, ending up almost toppling into the dugout. They landed pretty hard on the top step, Inge on his back, making me immediately fear for his oblique. I also feared for Guillen’s entire body, because he’s that sort of a player.

To make up for that there was a GLORIOUS moment where Khalil Greene tried to score from third and Magglio threw him out at home on a lovely big on-hopper that got there in plenty of time. It was a great throw, and the game was 7-5 at that point, so it was huge.

We also learned in this one that Zoom took Bobby Seay out to his hometown of Chula Vista, where they had dinner and Zoom forced Seay to order in Spanish. Adorkable? Yes. Although I wouldn’t have pegged Seay for one of Zoom’s better buddies. I thought he was all BFF with Granderson and Verlander, right?

Anyways. Good win, big win, especially since the Cubbies came through for us again and knocked the Wrong Sox down another peg. Mooooovin’ on up.

Sunday’s game pits Verlander against ARRRROOOOOOOOOOOOooooooOOooooooo, which is the howling-at-the-moon-style sound I imagine Randy Wolf makes every time a blogger makes a bad joke about his name. It’s at 4:05 EDT, thank cats, because I really don’t enjoy staying up until 2 am to get this stuff done. Go day game! Go Tigers!


8 responses to “Marcus Thames saves our tiger-striped bums

  1. 8 of his 9 hits were homers, the other one? A double. He is an extra base hit machine!

  2. The River is an unstoppable force of nature right now. In other good news, Maggs is finally showing signs of busting out of his mysterious slump, even though his homerun required a little help from the opposition :)

  3. How can anyone look at the Thames picture and NOT laugh? The addition of Paws is hilarious.

  4. I concur. Tower Paws = awesome.
    I actually like his solid black eyes here more than the more detailed versions with pupils.
    Sam, do you have a link to the original Paws pic?

  5. All Hail The River!
    Matt, I don’t think I do… I have a Props folder on my computer, and it contains a number of ‘clean’ Paws heads for various uses; I think this was one of those.

  6. Leslie Monteiro

    When you look up clutch in the dictionary, the picture of Marcus Thames should be there. He has defined clutch whenever he is at the player for the Tigers.

  7. OK, thanks anyways.
    I find it great that you have a folder full of Paws heads for ‘various’ uses. You know, not just Tigers related stuff, but maybe for dissertation work and such. Carry on!

  8. If there is a picture next to ‘clutch’ in the dictionary it is probably a small drawing of an auto part.
    Matt, hey, it’s like a pocketknife– you never know when you’ll need it!

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