Tigers win out west, point and laugh at Chicago

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

The Tigers had a good win today, but I definitely want to say thank you to a very special friend: the Cubs. Thank you, Cubbies, for sweeping the Wrong Sox. It does our little feline hearts good to see something like that happen in Chicago, and it helps us in our quest to prove that the AL Central is the most ridiculous of divisions by climbing to the top of it. Thank you for giving Ozzie Guillen an opportunity to snark on Lou Piniella, and then giving Lou an opportunity to chortle heartily in victorious revenge.

We are, unbelievably, only 5 games back from first place, and 3 wins away from a .500 record. Ridiculous. Thanks again, Cubbies!

As for this game, it was a mixed bag, although obviously a win is a win and we’ll take it.

The Good:

–Verlander’s 10 Ks in 5.1 innings, and his 4th win (who would’ve thought it would take him ’til June 22 to get his 4th win?).

–Magglio’s 2-run homer. Always lovely, and hey, it was probably going out on its own, even if Gerut didn’t sortofkindofmaybe tip it over the wall with his glove (er, the day before).

–Pudge’s homer, only his 2nd (!!) of the season. Another ‘who would’ve thought’ kind of thing.

–Pudge’s 2 walks. PUDGE WALKED TWICE WAIT WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?! In 218 at-bats so far this season Pudge has a grand total of 15 walks, so to get 2 walks in the same game is completely out of character for him and we are all agape with amazement.

–Todd Jones taking a liner off the knee and managing to stay in the game to finish it out, and incidentally remain perfect in save opportunities. When you take into account the Rollercoaster factor, this seems insane, but is 100% of fact.

–Granderson’s great wall-defying catch.

–Actually Turning Double Plays.

The Bad:

–Verlander only going 5.1 innings and throwing 115 pitches and issuing 5 walks. Oy. The strikeouts are great, but the rest of it, not so much.

–The River Thames getting hits that are not home runs! I demand a REFUND!

–Having to use 5 pitchers. This is not SO bad, because of the offday Monday, but still.

–Todd Jones taking that ball off the knee. Yes, he did get up and shake it off and do his pitching bit, but it’s probably going to bruise and swell up a little on him, and it’s certainly going to be sore, and Jonesy is not of an age where he can ignore that. Hopefully he’ll rest and ice it Monday and that will be the end of it, but, y’know, pessimism.

–Those cat-awful desert camo jerseys the Padres had on. Seriously: no.

Tomorrow is an offday, and then on Tuesday we are back to normally-timed games with a 7 pm start. Kenny Rogers goes up against a dude who once caused Mets fans’ heads to explode as a closer, and is now taking his terrible mold-like beard and behavin’ all starter-like. It should be a battle of the jaws, and may the best jaw win. Go Tigers!


9 responses to “Tigers win out west, point and laugh at Chicago

  1. This was a grinder of a win, but we are now only 5 behind the White Sox. The race has begun.

  2. I still doing worry about what the Wrong Sox (or Twinkies) are doing until August… but I wouldn’t mind the Cubbies playing the Sox about 50 more times this season, if they can guarantee the same result.

  3. I still doing? I still DON’T. Grr.

  4. Milton Signed-Rank

    Nice to see that this current hot streak includes the resumption of actually playing games on Sundays. The Tigers Sunday record in April & May was a reverent 0-7. They have awakened their inner-heathen this month however, posting a 4-0 Sunday mark. Another reason not to abandon hope!
    p.s. Samara, you are showing signs of either sleep deprivation or early-onset dementia in your memory of the details of Magglio dingers. The glove-assist was the Saturday game!

  5. Yeah, tiff, if we could just have other people deal with the Wrong Sox for the rest of the season, that’d be OK by me!
    Milton, sigh, you’re right. I actually did not see most of this game, because the Sox game went so long– I did see Saturday’s game, though, so I think my mind was conflating the two. Oy. :P

  6. Sam loses 1 point for publicly misremembering a baseball detail, but scores 2 for using the word “conflating” :)

  7. Leslie Monteiro

    The Tigers/Twins series looms large next week. It will be interesting what happens. Both teams are playing well as of late. I can’t wait to watch.

  8. Samara,
    I write for The Bard’s Room (The White Sox page here on MVN) and I have to say that you’re definitely right in your most recent article. We in Chicago are very worried about the Tigers, and I think we were expecting you to take a run all season long. The Sox’ slump is concerning, but I do think they will bounce back and start playing good baseball again, as a lot of home games are on the way. I do hope the Tigers keep playing well because I think it would be a great division race to track the rest of the way.
    Beat the Twins next week and give us some breathing room!

  9. Less, I do what I can to make up for my failings. ;)
    Leslie, hopefully FIERY DEATH TO TWINS will happen. Or, y’know, the baseball equivalent.
    Jaryd, I too hope for a great division race, by which I mean Tiger domination and the contraction of all other AL Central teams. Woo! Go team!

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