Welcome back, Sheff!

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Gary Sheffield certainly had a more pleasant return from the arid wastelands of the DL than Fernando did. While Fernando took the ‘remember me? ha ha, now you wish you DIDN’T’ approach, Sheff instead conjured up happy thoughts. Happy, two-run homer thoughts. We enjoy those thoughts.

The hope is that he’s feeling better all over, not playing through obvious pain like he was for, oh, EONS before he actually went on the DL. Sheff’s own thoughts on this:

“I felt like my shoulder benefited the most out of all of this,” Sheffield said Tuesday. “I was able to get that rested. When the oblique gave me a chance to exercise my arm, I was able to do that, and it bounced back pretty well. Now I’m so much stronger.”
MLB.com/Jason Beck article

Well, good. The lesson here is that when you are a 39 year old baseball player with 21 seasons under your belt, YOU CAN’T IGNORE PAIN LIKE YOU DID BACK IN 1992. Sheff’s probably always been able to play through a certain amount of pain before, but he’s never been 39 years old before, y’know what I mean? So (hopefully) Sheff will have learned that lesson, and we won’t have to repeat this come, say, August.

Oh, and the Tigs sent Jeff Larish down to make room on the roster. It was inevitable; we have more than enough slow/elderly people on this team who can play first base.

I had to watch the Cardinals take the Red Sox apart for 2 out of 3 games right before this, so I really don’t even want to talk about the rest of it, except to say, hey, is Pudge’s power coming back? Maybe a teensy weensy bit? We shall see.

Tomorrow at 7 Arrrrrrmando goes up against the only Native American/First Nations Major League pitcher who is not Joba Chamberlain. It will be splendiferous. Go Tigers!


One response to “Welcome back, Sheff!

  1. I love that Paws loves Sheff so hard. Awwwwwwwww.

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