Craig Monroe's revenge

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Sometimes you win games. Sometimes you lose games. Sometimes games are rained out. And sometimes games are just completely freakin’ weird (also you lose).

After putting up three errors and looking like a bunch of inept fielders in their previous game, the Tigers today decided to commit ZERO errors and to make FIVE double plays. Why? Monday is ‘what am a base ball gluv?’ day, but Tuesday is ‘I eat groundballs for breakfast’ day? This has not been a good year for Tigers infield defense in general, in part, YES, don’t deny, because Brandon Inge hasn’t been at third much, and in part because Guillen and Cabrera didn’t even know where they were playing for most of the season. So five double plays, that was all kinds of encouraging to see.

The Tigers also managed to come back from a big deficit again, as they were down 6-1 after the 5th (which was pretty much entirely Nate’s fault). They scored twice in the 6th and once in the 8th. Better than a poke in the gallbladder, but not enough. At least the bullpen looked OK… and by ‘OK’ I mean ‘pretty good if you discount the ultimately harmless but still kind of terrifying 4 walks issued by Miner’.

It seems weird that the Tigers could turn so many double plays, that the Twins could leave so many guys on base, and the Tigers still managed to lose. A big factor in that was Craig Monroe, who I think takes a special kind of glee in hitting Tigers. I can understand this, but cannot condone it. Today he used his Super Ninja Powers of Nate Robertson Prior Sekkrit Knowledgez to hit a 3-run homer. As the Tigers ended up losing by two runs…. ouch. The revenge of Craig Monroe wounds deeply indeed.

Miggy did manage to get into the game as a pinch hitter, which could mean one of two things.

Optimistic: The hip flexor really WAS just a little bit stiff or sore, and he’s already fine.
Pessimistic: They’re going to try playing him through pain that’s still there, thus preventing the bloody thing from EVER healing.

I tend to favor the pessimistic version of this, but hey, only because the team has set a precedent for behavior exactly like that!

Oh, and The River Thames homered again, bringing his season total up to 16. It is only barely July. We all remember Chris Shelton, but it’s hard to not get excited about watching The River come up to bat these days.

(PS: Dear Marcus, if it ever comes out that you use(d) steroids or other PEDs, I will cry. For serious. So if you were even toying with the idea, just bear that in mind. K?)

It’s still possible to dome-raid here. We just need to win this next game, which is at 1 pm EDT…. which I don’t quite understand. That’s noon for the people where the game is being played, and doesn’t that seem AWFULLY early for a mid-week game? Why not just have it be the regular 1 pm start? It’s not going to make a difference to most people on the east coast if it’s at 1 or 2 pm, and it might make a good deal of difference to the people heading for the real live ballpark. Is there some sort of actual reasoning behind this decision?

Anyways. At 1 pm, the Bovine kid goes up against Nick Blackburn, whose name is actually Robert. Just so you know. Go Tigers!

3 responses to “Craig Monroe's revenge

  1. I hate watching games in the Metrodome, and only part of the reason is that they are not in HD. That place is so ugly, and I swear someone is going to leap against that baggie in the outfield and snap their spine (oblique) when they slam into one of those vertical chairs behind it.
    Anyway, I seem to remember reading something long ago about how many events there are constantly going on at the dome, and that’s why some of the start times are weird. It doesn’t really make sense though, you’d think a MLB game would take precedence!

  2. “Dear Marcus, if it ever comes out that you use(d) steroids or other PEDs, I will cry. ”
    That reminds me… remember when Pudge was like 250 lbs and his torso was as big as a house? Those were the days.

  3. Phil, you WOULD think a MLB game would take precedence, but I definitely remember Gopher games ousting Twins on occasion. Which seems crazy to me, but who knows, it’s Minnesota. That wouldn’t account for today’s start time, though.
    dave, for much of his career Pudge was also just plain old, well, pudgy. He certainly hasn’t shown any of the connective tissue problems that are so characteristic of long-term steriod use, and you’d expect those to show up right quick with a catcher.

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