Tigers decide to start 4th of July celebrations off with a bang

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I know this might seem weird to people who aren’t used to it, but my town has its fireworks on the 3rd of July (so as to avoid conflicting with neighboring towns and their larger displays). That and the lateness of the game have combined to make me basically useless so far as blogging goes right now. You’ll really be lucky if these sentences make any kind of sense in the morning. Whut are a grammar?

(The photo up there, by the way, is my town, right before the fireworks show began. The shot had a lot of orange-tiger-y shades in it so I figured I’d post it.)

Good win… rather, good TO win, and the kids came up with some awesome bats. The win itself was not exactly 100% happiness and goodness, mostly because our pitching was still unforgivably shaky. Yes, I’m looking at Todd Jones (who, after allowed 3 hits, 2 runs, and a walk after getting only 2 outs in the 9th had to pulled so that he might still be available for tomorrow’s afternoon game) when I say that, but I am ALSO looking at YOU, Mr. Verlander.

But, you protest, Verlander went 6 innings and only gave up 2 runs and got the win! It’s a quality start! To you I say: NO. It really, really wasn’t a quality start. In those 6 innings Verlander threw 109 pitches, which is breathtakingly not OK. It is ESPECIALLY not OK because this is what he does and it’s his habit now and we’ve seen what happens when starting pitchers get into bad habits: JEREMY BONDERMAN AND THE DEADLY FIRST INNING happens, and surely Justin does not want that for himself.

The bats, though, those were nice, especially the youthful bats of Mike Hollimon and Matt Joyce. Hollimon hit his first ever big league homerun, earning himself a pat on the head and 50 adorableness points. Matt Joyce just did a lil’ somethin’ called Going 4-for-5. It was basically a day of tiger cub domination at the plate, and even a bit in the field: Clete Thomas, the only cat today who had trouble with his bat, finished off the game with a very long run and a diving (tripping) basket catch.

For your 4th of July Tigers game, Kenny goes up against Eric Bedard, that filthy Canadian. The game’s at 4:10 pm EDT so, if you’re me, you’ll be busy making your special from-scratch cookout guacamole (this is my way of saying that I probably won’t have a post up after tomorrow’s game– it’s a holiday, so sue me), but still, Go Tigers! Happy 4th of July!

(ETA: Holy cats, it’s a night later and there are SO many typos in here. I’m gonna leave it up as a warning to everyone against blogging in a state of extreme exhaustion.)


One response to “Tigers decide to start 4th of July celebrations off with a bang

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Verlander’s inefficiency drives me INSAAAAANE in the membrain.

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