everybody say Arrrrrrrrrrrr(mando)!

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Guess who’s back? That’s right, it’s our old friend the ANSWER HAMSTER (sweeps version), chillin’ with Arrrrrmando Galarrrrrrraga, because today Arrrrmando had all the hamsters against the Royals.

How do we know that Arrrrmando had the hamsters? Well, first of all, we did get the sweep, a most fitting revenge for what the Royals did to us earlier in the season. Granted, the Royals of Right Now are not playing like the Royals of Back Then, but someone still had to have some hamsters if we were going to sweep them.

Secondly, Arrrrmando was PERFECT through six innings. Perfect! No runs, no hits, no walks. The Royals broke it all up in the 7th, and Arrrrmando ended up giving away a single run on three hits and one walk, but that’s still a great outing by pretty much any standard. He struck out 7 guys too. Greinke struck out 8 guys in 6 innings, but he also gave up 7 hits and 5 earned runs, so the Ks are only worth so much.

Arrrrmando’s ERA is down to 3.27 and his WHIP is down to 1.16. Opposing batters are hitting .213 against him and his K/BB ratio is 1.97 (compare that to Kenny’s K/BB ratio of 1.02 [vomit] [the higher this number is, the better it is, because that means the guy is striking hitters out much more often than he is walking them… a K/BB ratio of 1 means that a guy is issuing Ks and walks at the same rate, and a K/BB close to zero would be horrific and would mean that a pitcher was giving up loads of walks and not striking anyone out at all] [for instance, before he went down, Dontrelle’s K/BB ratio was 0.24, which is so bad that the mere sight of it should cause children to have screaming nightmares]) (big parentheses!) (mmmm, [brackets]).

So, obviously Arrrrmando has the hamsters right now. He is cuddling them and taking good care of them.

Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez and Placido Polanco all had good games at the plate (again!), although I am starting to get a bit bored with singles and would like to see at least two out of those three guys get their OPS numbers up around .900 again. I know Polanco isn’t going to do it, since he has only a passing acquaintance with power hitting, but Miggy and Maggs both have career numbers in that area, and it would be awfully nice if they could rebound to that level, dontcha think?

Tomorrow is an offday– I think we will probably have a photo post with the stuff from Baltimore– and Friday we start the OMG SUPER BIG BAD SERIES OF DOOOOOOOOM against the Wrong Sox. It’s at 7:05 pm EDT (woo hoo, we’re back to regular hours) and ought to be Nate vs. Gavin Floyd, who to be honest kind of scares the pants off of me right now. You cats don’t need me to tell you how OMG SUPER BIG AND IMPORTANT this SERIES OF DOOOOOOOM is or how evil the Wrong Sox are, and to keep from offending readers with delicate sensibilities we will refrain from detailing the bloody satanic sacrifices Ozzie Guillen had to make in order to make his team so good this year. Hopefully we can render all this moot with some nice wholesome victories for the good guys. Go Tigers!

7 responses to “everybody say Arrrrrrrrrrrr(mando)!

  1. Hate to rain on the parade, but he’s also got a low BABIP. Of course, the strong K/BB ratio should help when that rebounds. He’s probably more like a #4 starter, but, hey. I’ll take what I can get.

  2. Oh, I don’t think anyone believes he’s legitimately the number one starter on the Tigers or anything like that. In an ideal world (i.e. one where Jeremy Bonderman was not dead and maybe Dontrelle wasn’t haunted by the Ghosts of Control Long Past) he’d be a solid 5 guy. But since the Tigers pitching world is VERY far from ideal right now, the fact that he’s overperforming to this degree is simply deeeeeeeeeelicious.

  3. I had no idea you have a FAQ, which I guess is new-ish since you’ve got those hamsters on there. But it is an excellent FAQ!
    Also, awwwwwwwww, I had no idea I’d been reading long enough to see the first appearance of the Sp**************. I will not spell out the name in an entry that bears the picture of Galarraga, so said beast does not know of Galarraga.

  4. w00t, it’s always a good day when the Answer Hamster has found it’s way to the mound. I’m hoping the little fella has some friends that can lend a paw along with the lucky kitten to really stick it to the White Sox this weekend.
    I’ll be happy with two out of three, but a full on Sweeping Hamster and friends for this “SUPER BIG AND IMPORTANT SERIES OF DOOOOOOOM” would be most fortuitous at this juncture.
    Folks have certainly jumped back on the Tiger bandwagon now, folks at my work place had all but given up a month ago and now here we are all so hopeful again. Please keep things going Tigers!

  5. yay, explained statistics! I need it all, because Wikipedia makes no sense to me.
    This guy at my work totally jinxed Armando, in case anyone was wondering.

  6. k, it IS fairly new. We’ve got a ‘best of’ section too, that’s even newer! Next step is an ‘about the author’ section, eventually. And I appreciate your caution with regards to Arrrrmando’s well-being and potential edibility.
    Paul, it’s hard to not be more hopeful, with the way the Tigs have been playing, but I still have a hard time seeing them get very far on the pitching they have right now. We’ll see… weirder things have happened in baseball.
    tiff, yay! I think I’ve said this before, but I never know if I’m explaining too much or not enough… I don’t even refer to that many stats around here, but sometimes I like to look at the easier ones, and then I want everyone else to look at them too, ha ha.

  7. ivantopumpyouup

    Nate v. Floyd scares the pants off me too, Sam. :\

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