oh drat, it's another Roar of the Tigers photoblog

That’s right, kids and kittens, there’s no escaping it. I took 8,754 photos at the two Tigers/Orioles games I attended (note: photo number is an estimate only) and I put 227 of them on the magical internets (note: photo number is actual). Now you get to look at them.

As ever, you can click the wee photos here and they’ll take you to the Flickr pages for each photo, where you can see them somewhat larger. These are not necessarily presented in order here (although they ARE in order over at Flickr).

First, the Saturday game, 7/19/08. This was the extra-inning weaksaucefest that the Tigers lost because POLANCO WAS SAFE CATDAMMIT.

My first look at the field at Camden Yards. Pretty pretty. What this shot does not show is how disgusting I already was due to the oppressive heat and my complete and utter lack of any tolerance for said heat.

Al Kaline in da house! He’s a Maryland kid, which I guess is why he showed up for the series. In fact we had been at the Maryland Sports Legends museum before the game (which I had expected to be boring, but it was actually a really cool museum, and I was all into it sort of despite myself) and they had some Al-Kaline-in-high-school stuff, which made seeing him in the Now even more neat.

This is not a great photo or anysuchthing, but I like it for what it shows: Brandon Inge giving Jeff Larish lessons at third base during batting practice. Given the current state of affairs on the Tigers (Inge desperately wanting to play third, being forced to play everywhere else), it was awfully nice to see Inge taking the time to give a kid some pointers on fielding his pet position.

If seeing The River Thames smile like this does not brighten up your day and make you want to give him hugs, you are a sad and dour individual indeed.

Someone actually recognized Aquilino Lopez and called out to him by name. He seemed mildly surprised, but pleasantly so, and responded with a little grin and a wave. I guess there aren’t a lot of people in non-Detroit ballparks going about screaming, “AQUILINO WE LOVE YOU!!!”


Happy, happy celebrations, before the deep dark evil of Luke Scott could turn it all sour. The top one’s Larish and Joyce, the bottom one’s Polanco and Miggy. The Larish/Joyce celebration ended in a hug, while the Polanco/Miggy celebration ended with them completely missing each other’s hands on the right for a flailing high five fail.

There was also, for whatever reason, a lot of poutiness at this one.

Maggs is the poutiest Tiger of them all– he’s always making that face.

All of the photos from this game can be viewed here.

Now we’ll switch over to the Sunday game, 7/20/08, where I took A LOT of photos, since our seats were closer and there was, y’know, daylight for the entire game. Great for photos, terrible for heat-survival purposes. It may seem like I’m banging on about the heat kind of a lot but this still comes nowhere near letting you experience how REALLY FRIGGIN’ HOT it was there.

This was the Justin-Verlander-kicks-butt game. As such I did take a lot of shots of Justin Verlander, pitchingly kicking butt.

And here he is getting his standing ovation after being pulled from the game. It WOULD have been nice to see the complete game, but this was still mighty impressive.

Willya just look at the happy smile on this Tiger? I mean, really. Doesn’t that just feel you with GLEE?

Brandon Inge, engaging in a little dirt grooming. I did also end up with a lot of shots of Brandon Inge from this game. We were sitting near third base! I can’t be held responsible for that sort of thing.

Fielding fly balls was made much more difficult by the high and mighty sun, but our infielders seemed to have something against sunglasses. No errors were made, thankfully (luckily?).

The Oriole Bird spent some time harassing Tigers fans. At one point he was wiping his armpits with this hat, then he put it in his beak and ‘vomited’ it back to its owner.

This isn’t that exciting a shot, just Maggs hitting, but the link takes you to the much larger size so you can see the little detail that makes it awesome. Check out his armband. :)

When the ball bounces in the dirt, most catchers have to dive all over the place readjusting to block it. Pudge just shifts his glove, easy as you please. I mean, I know Justin was probably throwing it in there stick straight anyways, but it’s still quite a catcherly feat.

And we’ll end on an adorable note. The Orioles had this between-inning thing where a little kid had to run out from the outfield, ‘steal’ second base (i.e. pry it up and take off with it) and get back to the outfield wall in a set period of time. The kid managed to do it, too, so I guess he won something or other. Point is, Raburn, Granderson, and Maggs were all on their way out to their positions, but had to stop and watch this kid struggle with the base. Too cute.

All the photos from this game can be seen here (and there are QUITE a lot of them).

Remember, 7 pm tonight for DOOOOOOOOM and Wrong Sox. Go Tigers!


5 responses to “oh drat, it's another Roar of the Tigers photoblog

  1. Fantastic, as ever. O HAI DAVE DOMBROWSKI cracked me up, and Miggy armband is fabulously adorable. :)

  2. NO drat here! Looking at pictures was a nice 10 minute distraction as I start, sigh, 7 hours, sigh, of sealing envelopes.

  3. Great pics! I was at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday to watch the Twins lose (boy was it hard to not root *against* the Evil Empire…). I have lots of pics but they all suck because I have a crappy point-and-shoot. God I need a new camera!

  4. Interesting photoblog. I see you have lots of pics of your boy Inge. Nice pics of my boys, Verlander and Thames.

  5. Todd, I don’t like you. I don’t like you one catdamn little bit.

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