a day of many traumas

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

What a thoroughly absurd game to end a thoroughly absurd day.

Thirteen innings. A little over five and a half hours.
Forty-one hits total: 22 for the Tigers, 19 for the Racist Logos.
Twenty six runs total: 14 for the Tigers, 12 for the R.L.s.
Six total errors: 2 for the Tigers, 4 for the R.L.s.
A total of 526 pitches thrown: 271 for the Tigers, 255 for the R.L.s.
A total of 14 pitchers used, 7 for each team.

Nate looked terrible. He threw over 60 pitches in 3 innings, he gave up 8 runs (all earned), he basically looked like a guy who starts to get battered and then just has no idea how to proceed. He is very, very lucky to not get a loss here, and he is very, very lucky that his offense was able to eat into Cliff Lee a bit. I don’t know what we’re going to do with him; I don’t know that there’s anything we CAN do with him, because it’s not exactly like we’ve got extra starters just waiting in the wings.

Casey Fossum got himself into, and then out of, remarkable amounts of trouble. He is after all the Fossum Possum, and, like the pale marsupials that almost share his name, he used his sneaky wiles, long hairless prehensile tail and innate ability to play dead to lull opponents into a false sense of victory that he could then snatch away from them. It worked, so it seems great NOW, but it’s not something I would get used to relying on.

Pretty much everyone got hits, blah blah, long game. Granderson went 5-for-7 with 3 runs scored and a couple RBI. Miggy and Inge both homered. It’s nice to see Inge go deep a couple of games in a row, especially since he’s going to be hitting while a catcher for the foreseeable future.


I thought that if I waited long enough, the rest of this deal would come out. I thought that if I waited long enough, the prospects we were getting in addition to Farnsworth would come to light, or the cash amount would become public, or something. ANYTHING. It’s just not there, though. This is a straight one-for-one trade, Pudge Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth.

Here’s the thing: I don’t object to The Farns on his own merits. He’s not The Pitcher That Will Save Us, not by any means, but he’s having a pretty solid year and he has good stuff when he’s on and not injured. If we had traded away some prospects, or a middle-level player and cash, or something like that for The Farns, I would probably be… well, if not exactly OK with it, at least mostly ambivalent about it.

And I know that Pudge is not what he used to be. I know that his power has declined every year he’s been with the Tigers. I am fully aware that he’s 36 years old and has been a major league catcher for 18 seasons, which is a LONG time for any ballplayer to be active at the pro level and is even worse for catchers, who take such a beating. I know that there was an extremely good chance that Inge would be the starting catcher next season.

But if you had told me, a few weeks ago, that Pudge Rodriguez could be had for the price of one Kyle Farnsworth, I would have laughed in your lying hallucinating face and told you to stop taking that pinstriped LSD.

I still want to say it now. Pudge for The Farns? The Farns for Pudge? Straight-up? Really? Honestly? Pudge Rodriguez, 14-time All Star, 13-time Gold Glove winner, 7-time Silver Slugger winner, 1999 AL MVP, 2003 NLCS MVP, for…. Kyle Farnsworth, zero-time anything? Oh, I know most of those ‘awards’ mean little if anything, but if you have a guy who’s accumulated THAT many of them, over that many years, I tend to think they’re indicating SOMETHING worthwhile as a whole that maybe they can’t indicate individually, y’know what I mean?

I heard Dombrowski’s ‘explanations’. They did not in any way explain this to me. This whole thing caught me by surprise, I’ll freely admit that, but once I had some time to sit down and mull it over, I realized that it was not that I objected, on the face of it, to trading away Pudge (still not a move I’m 100% behind, but we WERE going with Inge next year, I can at least sort of understand the rationale). And it’s not that I objected, on the face of it, to acquiring The Farns. I think we all saw tonight that we’re going to need as much bullpen help as we can get if we want to survive this second half.

Pudge for The Farns, straight-up? A Type A free agent (who, if offered arbitration, would get the team losing him a supplemental pick and a compensatory pick in the next draft) for a probably-Type B free agent (who only gets the team losing him one supplemental round pick)? No. This is not OK. THIS I cannot agree with.

Oh, it’s a great trade. I understand that. It is, from some perspectives, an amazing and flawless trade.

Unfortunately for us, those perspectives are the perspectives of Yankees and Yankee fans.

So I don’t know what Brian Cashman did to Dave Dombrowski in order to do this to him so brazenly. Hypnotism, maybe, or satanic rituals. Voodoo. Maybe good old-fashioned intimidation via horse head on the pillow and Jason Giambi smiling at the foot of his bed. Whatever it was that he did, we must not forget that he’s done it. We must not forget that terrible, evil behavior on the part of the Yankees FO is the only thing that can make this trade make any kind of sense.

We must not let them get away with it. I’m not sure what we can do, just yet, but we must not let them get away with it all the same.

Thursday’s game is at 12:05 pm EDT for reasons that are murky and unknowable to me at the moment. Lunchtime with Rod and Mario, nom nom nomalicious. It will be Justin vs. Dr. Fausto Carmona. I’m hearing that The Farns might not make it to Cleveland in time for the game. No big deal, right? I mean, it’s not like we used much of the bullpen…. tonight… thus rendering them… unavailable… for tomorrow… I…. oh…. well. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, eh? Go Tigers!

ETA: Todd Jones to the 15 day DL with the ever-vague ‘shoulder soreness’. I suppose we had to figure something like that was going to happen.


12 responses to “a day of many traumas

  1. I just hate this trade; losing Pudge badly hurts us.

  2. I’m still teary eyed and bleary eyed from yesterday!
    Would someone at FSN please tell Dave if there’s a chance he’ll be interviewed, not to wear the striped shirt? It looked like it was on LSD, swimming around the screen! Pudge is my (gasp) Yankee!

  3. You have the Yankees over a barrel and you climb in and ride over the falls???
    The only thing that could explain this is some kind of chemistry issue. Clubhouse, brain or Lysergic acid?

  4. My first thought was that we would get Jose Molina back in addition to The Farns… Or whoever the Yanks were using to back up Jose Molina. Something better than Dane Sardinha, at any rate. At least that would have made more sense… We’re trading the super-duper star and en fuego catcher for a backup, and The Farns is in the trade to make up the difference of starting our backup in place of the superstar. Nope, we’re going from superstar to backup catcher (not that I’m an anti-Inge agent, not at all) and dropping the quality of our backup catcher quite a bit at the same time… For The Farns. Makes you wonder what the Marlins’ offer was. Or did Pudge have the right to kibbosh a trade there? Just a very odd trade. Dombrowski has never been afraid to pull the trigger on a big-time trade, and while the Cabrera & Dontrelle trade was certainly among his biggest ever, this one is pretty dang significant, too. Not often you see two teams in “go for it” mode make a trade at the deadline, so I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it, frankly. Let’s just all hope that Inge bats like a madman for the last 2 months to make it all better.

  5. According to Buster Olney(who first broke the story), Pudge was asking to be traded. He did in fact, have to waive his no-trade clause in order for the deal to be finalized. With this information in my head, this becomes a lot easier to accept. Pudge is a Yankee traitor.
    Edit: I just found this

  6. if he wanted to go, good riddance.
    The Very Wrong Sox just got Ken Griffey Jr.

  7. I don’t think Pudge was asking for a trade any more vociferously than Inge did; rather less so, I should think, and I expect it was the same issue, where he didn’t like splitting time. We KNOW how much Pudge hates sitting, last year Leyland practically had to pry him out of games with a crowbar. I’m not surprised that he mentioned a willingness to be traded once the platoon situation with Inge started becoming clear.
    I do NOT think he was demanding a trade or anything like that. What I heard Pudge say seems to indicate that he was generally open to the idea, had mentioned it a few times (again, certainly no more than Inge did), and offered to waive his no trade clause only when the Tigers called him into the office and laid out the trade for him.
    Which, hey, it’s kinda hard to blame him for. The team had made clear the fact that Inge was going to catch for them at least part of the time, and then they call Pudge in and go, “OK, here’s the deal, we want to send you to NY. Whaddya say?” I don’t think this was a clubhouse issue, and there’s no indication at all that craziness like what went on in 2005 was happening.
    I’m not sure exactly what the Wrong Sox are going to do with Griffey….. o this strange and convoluted baseball landscape!

  8. The shock is beginning to wear off now. Perhaps the victory at the end of the 13-inning marathon helped cushion the blow for me. (“We won one last one for the Pudge!”)
    I don’t know if I can stand to watch footage from Pudge’s farewell interview again, though. I was almost in tears when he was talking about how much he enjoyed Detroit and always saw himself retiring here. In that moment, I just wanted to give him hugs.
    Brandon Inge has been my Tiger since 2001. I’m glad to see he’s landed on his feet once again. (Any Big Cats/Nine Lives jokes, anyone?) But it’s hard not to get a lump in your throat when you realize Pudge is gone… and to the Evil Empire at that. I hope it’s never proved that he’s a Yankee Traitor. It would just be a complete travesty for Pudge Rodriguez to get booed at Comerica Park.

  9. By the way, Miner and Galarraga, standing there grinning in the dugout last night, wearing their hats the wrong way?
    I think Tiger fans should adopt the look. It’s always bothered me that we stole “rally caps” from someone else. We need our own thing, like “gum time” to really help win games in the late innings.

  10. Why is everyone assuming that Pudge would have declined arbitration?
    Considering that Posada just resigned for $13 mill per, I do not think that it is inconcievable that Pudge would get $7 mill in arbitration. Did we really want Pudge back at that price next year?

  11. Never forgive.
    Never forget.

  12. I miss Pudge, I liked Farnsey when he was with us, although his reluctance to sign long term with Detroit was unsettling.
    Ok, I more than miss Pudge… although we could all see his decline coming. Hopefully this works out for Pudge and the Tigers, Pudge can have a productive end of the season and get a nice new contract some place non Yankee like and the Tigers put our new reliever to good use.
    Let’s all pray for hamsters and kittens… we all need happy thoughts to deal with our personal loss.

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