aarrrggh bullpen arrrrgggh

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Poor Armando. He did not deserve that outcome, not after the kind of game he pitched today.

I think the image pretty clearly illustrates anything else I have to say on the matter.


11 responses to “aarrrggh bullpen arrrrgggh

  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! You have great insight and take cool pictures. The Tigers broke my heart this week when they traded Pudge. Searching for info on him is what led me to your blog. The game today was a disaster. Poor Armando…..

  2. I second my comment from the previous blog post to apply to this image as well. Thanks Sam. :P

  3. Nooooooo!
    After we rallied back like we did we NEEDED to win that ball game… the season isn’t getting any longer and I can feel our tiger claws slipping off the edge of a deep abyss fast if they don’t turn things around with another sweep this week against the Wrong Sox.
    Hard to believe the Rays are actually good this year but they just proved it to me. That and our bullpen is bad.

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    That was pretty much me during the 10th inning.

  5. Surprisingly natural. Maybe just like Munch intended it. :P

  6. Damn expectations. This season is getting to me now.
    I’m going to go sulk now.

  7. Just a dreadful loss.
    Great images on the blog, however.

  8. I blame it all on Rodney. Can he stop being the “closer” now?????? Poor Armando.

  9. How many times can one team top themselves in the “most crushingly horrible loss of the season” contest category?
    Lately, many. Many times.

  10. After more than 30 years, the tigers (and the Lions) never fail to disappoint me. Anyway, to the “off with Jones head” crowd at least he saved games most of the time, ugly or not.

  11. Beth, welcome to the madhouse! :)
    h2opolopunk, I contribute in the only way I can.
    Paul, I agree that this one was particularly crushing. It’s one thing to lose a game from the very start, but to have Armando pitch like that and then have victory snatched away… sigh.
    ivan, I am pretty sure I was making that exact face.
    PfP, only a mind as disturbed as Munch’s could conceptualize a game like that.
    David, I think even if we’d gone in with much lower expectations than we did, this would hurt. The expectations didn’t help, but games that get blown like this one did are horrific no matter how little you expect of your team.
    Leshnock, the images cannot make up for the losses, of course, but hopefully I can at least momentarily distract people from their pain. ;)
    Colt, I gotta put some of this on The Farns as well… the entire ‘pen minus Bobby Seay seems to be a disaster at the moment.
    Phil, it is truly a remarkable phenomenon.
    John, that’s the thing I kept saying about Jonesy: he did it in a terrible, insane way, but he DID close out games properly more often than not. Of course it’s a moot point now, since his arm is all busted up.

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