Arrrrmando gets justice, Blue Jays get tasty series sweep snack snatched from their cruel avian beaks

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Thank cats. Thank cats the Tigers managed to pull this one out. I know that Arrrrmando got a win the last time he pitched, but I didn’t see that game, so my most recent memory of him pitching was this scream-worthy bullpenplosion. I am not sure I could have remained sane if I had had to watch the team find ANOTHER fun and inventive way to screw him over.

This time out Arrrrmando pitched 8 innings, giving up six hits, two walks, and a SINGLE RUN, with six strikeouts. If he had NOT gotten a win after that…. well. Great and frothy would have been my rage. With this outing he lowers his ERA to 3.11 and his WHIP to 1.15, and raises his record to 11-4. He has the best WHIP on the team (this INCLUDES the relievers) and has the second-best K/BB ratio among the starters (after, weirdly enough, Nate).

He remains, by far, our best and most consistent starting pitcher. The complete and utter craziness of this fact also remains undimmed by time.

So out of a four game series with the Blue Jays (who, I might remind you, are 12 games back in the AL East), the Tigers managed to scrape one measly win, and even THAT almost didn’t happen, as the Tigs clearly didn’t learn their lesson yesterday and once again mistook a non-Halladayan Jay for Roy Halladay himself. Litsch went 7 innings, giving up ZERO runs on FOUR hits, despite the fact that he is, again, NOT ROY HALLADAY.

It is amazing that we did not face Roy Halladay at ALL in this series, and this stuff still happened. Obviously the problem is more pervasive than we had thought.

Friday brings the orange birds to town for a 7:05 pm EDT game. Should be Nate vs. Chris Waters. A guy named ‘Waters’ playing for Baltimore… I expect the Divine jokes to be FLYING for this one. Or maybe that’s not in the normal sports fan repertoire? I really hope it is. Go Tigers!


12 responses to “Arrrrmando gets justice, Blue Jays get tasty series sweep snack snatched from their cruel avian beaks

  1. librarymonkey27

    as you know, when teams play the Tigers, the opposing pitchers put on a Cy Young mask to fool the Big Cat hitters

  2. librarymonkey27

    couple things — what about Cabrera and Renteria getting clutch all of the sudden? The game has a different ending for Tigers Fans and Armando if they don’t have their hitting shoes on.
    also — Toronto might be 12 games back, but they are ahead of the Detroiters in the Wildcard race…though between those two teams it is hardly a race, more a stroll.
    why no Hairspray jokes — as in check OrdoÒez’s hairSPRAY Chart to see where he is going to hit the ball and lay down his locks.
    and why no talk about Rookie of the Year for the GaGa doode?

  3. “o’s xtra” talking head: Jim “Tab” Hunter. I sure hope he wears polyester.

  4. Perhaps some prankster tiger will place a giant pink flamingo in the visitor’s clubhouse. Or maybe a mink stole hanging in his locker. We can hope.

  5. In a just world, Chris Waters would play for the Mariners, obviously.

  6. Ha ha, you guys restore my faith in baseball fans. :)
    librarymonkey, I was going to say that calling Armando a RoY was kind of ridiculous, but really his numbers are not far off the kinds of numbers Hudson or Sabathia were putting up when they won it. It’s an interesting thought, especially with Longoria injured, but I think these days it’s much more likely to go to a hitter.

  7. librarymonkey27

    how can you say this
    is it because you see Armando as ‘groucho’?
    Galarrago has a couple more chances and I think this last performance sets him up for a no-hitter, t take the Rookie of the Year away from all the hitters.
    keep the faith

  8. Hey, I’d love to see the RoY come from the Tigers, and I’d love to see Armando get national recognition. That’s, like, a given. Tigers doing well = happy Tigers blogger. But you can’t really ‘set yourself up’ for a no-hitter with a few good games, that’s kind of… not how no-hitters work.

  9. Armando has been a bright spot in this rather odd and gut wrenching 2008 campaign.

  10. librarymonkey27

    who are you picking for the rookie of the year
    you are leaning towards a bosocker aren’t you?

  11. David, he has inexplicably been the only consistent bright spot.
    librarymonkey, I was leaning pretty heavily towards Longoria – not necessarily who I WANT to win it, but who I thought would win it. The injury may widen the field a little, but I think he’s still got a shot.

  12. ivantopumpyouup

    Quite honestly, I think I would have shot somebody if Arrrrrrrrmando hadn’t gotten that win.

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