Pudge comes back, Verlander is terrible; these events are probably unrelated

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Yeah that’s RIGHT, possibly incorrectly deployed semicolon in the post title! You love it.

As you may or may not have noticed, the MVN transition was apparently postponed due to murky and mysterious technical issues. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen now and I’ll try to warn you guys ahead of time, but in any event if you try to access the site and you can’t for a couple of days, that’s probably what it is.

So I assume that by now we’re all aware that Monday was Pudge’s first time back in Comerica after being traded from the Tigers. If you did not see the game, he got a nice big standing ovation from the crowd his first time up, which he acknowledged with a tip of his helmet and a fairly adorable little fist pump. I had a moment of XTreme Longing, where I got all sniffly at the sight of Pudge in front of the sold-out crowd that in many ways he helped create, where it seemed deeply and fundamentally wrong that he should be in Comerica in anything other than home whites. MY LOWER LIP WAS ALL A-TREMBLE. I don’t particularly miss Pudge in the lineup– despite the higher average, his OPS is basically the same as Inge’s, and, perhaps incredibly, Inge has 11 homers to Pudge’s 7– but I really do miss just having him on the team. SNIFFLE.

He struck out on three pitches his first time up, perhaps as a gift to Verlander, who was busy redefining the word ‘struggle’ as it applies to people who have thrown no-hitters in the recent past (he and Clay Buchholz are making it a collaborative effort). Later in the game, Inge stole second base off of Bruney/Pudge, which was very passing-of-the-guard-y. Still: Pudge. SNIFFLE AGAIN.

Meanwhile, Justin Verlander had what I think might be the worst outing of his career. He gave up 8 runs (5 earned) on 7 hits and 2 walks, in 1.2 innings. That’s right: he did not even make it out of the second inning alive. He managed to cram a glorious 64 pitches into those 1.2 innings, so it was kind of like a break for him, in the sense that he didn’t throw 110+ like he normally does.

The rest of the game was laughable. Pitching? What is pitching? I suppose it’s nice that we made a game of it, although who knows if that would have happened if Ponson had not been hit on the hand by a comebacker.

Since I don’t really want to get into the rest of it, I’ll just run through some of the ridiculousness from the YES Network broadcast, which is the only broadcast of the game I could get, for whatever reason. The announcers were Ken Singleton and John Flaherty.

– Singleton: “That ball had a lot of English on it! And maybe a little Spanish, Polanco’s the one who hit it!”

– The two of them had a long discussion about how weird it was that Brandon Inge has the most home runs in the history of Comerica (Singleton: “If I told you Brandon Inge had the most homers in this ballpark, would you believe me?” Flaherty: “No!” Singleton: “Well he does! And he’s a little guy!” ~*~discussion on bat speed vs. power~*~). Immediately following this, Brandon Inge came up to bat and hit a home run.

– Yankee pitcher Phil Coke made his big league debut.

Singleton: “We’ve been told by the locals that Coke probably won’t be too popular here, because Pepsi provides all the drinks in Comerica!”
Flaherty: *small, painfully embarrassed laugh*

There were no comments on the relative largeness/smallness of the players, so I keenly felt the lack of Rod Allen.

Rosters are expanding, but the Tigers are waiting until Tuesday to bring up a lot of guys, so I’ll run through the full list then. For now, Freddy Dolsi is up (he pitched two good innings today, actually; I would have been happy to shut him down for the year, because what exactly are we straining his already overloaded arm for? ugh, whatever) and Dontrelle is on the big league roster (hopefully not for relief, but is he seriously ready to start? ugh, whatever).

Tuesday the Tigs take on the Rally Monkeys, 7:05 pm EDT. Joe Saunders (14-7) will pitch against Chris Lambert (0-1, fresh up from the minors once again). I fully expect this to be as disastrous as Lambert’s last start. It seems kind of unfair to keep doing this to Lambert, but remember what we did to Bonderman and Maroth in 2003? Trial by fire! Go Tigers!


4 responses to “Pudge comes back, Verlander is terrible; these events are probably unrelated

  1. I don’t think I ever learned semicolon rules, I just use my semicolon spidersense to see if it ‘feels’ like the right place for one. So I’m never 110% sure. In related news, I am a psychotic blogger.

  2. Rest assured, Sam, your use of the semicolon was correct.

  3. Phil Coke. I want to drink him.

  4. Not as good as Orioles pitcher Rocky Cherry, who I am seriously convinced is actually ice cream.

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