Jim Leyland bleeps again

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I could not let this pass by: Jim Leyland is talking about horses**t again. Since it brought me INFINITE JOY the last time Leyland went off about things that are horses**t, this demanded a rare midafternoon post.

Today’s bearer of horses**t is Justin Verlander.

Verlander allowed five earned runs to the Yankees on Monday in the shortest outing of his career (1 2/3 innings). Afterward, Verlander talked about the “tight zone” of home plate umpire Chuck Meriwether, among other factors in the game.

At another point during his Monday news conference, Verlander said, “There’s been a lot of misfortune that’s gone my way this year.”

Leyland said he is “not looking to start anything with Verlander” and is “not being critical.” But he made clear that he was not happy with Verlander’s postgame remarks.

“You need to have the ability every once in a while to say, ‘I stunk’ — not that the strike zone was tight,” Leyland said. “You have to say, ‘You know what? I was horse (manure).’ It’s OK, because we’re all horse (manure) from time to time. It’s good to admit that you’re horse (manure) sometimes.

“You turn the page and try to move on. Diversionary tactics are not good.”
Jon Paul Morosi/Detroit Free Press article

I love that ‘horses**t’ is apparently one of Jim Leyland’s very favorite words. Particularly alert readers will note that ‘diversionary tactics’ also makes a smashing reappearance.

“Hopefully this will be a great learning experience for him, because he’s never failed, probably, at anything,” Leyland said.
Jon Paul Morosi/Detroit Free Press article

Zing! Zing zing ZING!

“For any player, you’ve got to be careful,” he said. ” ‘We weren’t hitting early because of the cold weather.’ You fall into those traps. You’re kidding yourself.

“I don’t think you pick at people about it, but you can normally tell if somebody’s camouflaging something. … Chuck Meriwether had not one thing to do with Justin Verlander’s horse (manure) outing. Period.

“If Justin thinks different, or believes different, that’s up to him.”
Jon Paul Morosi/Detroit Free Press article

Today we learned that Jim Leyland does not like:

– making excuses
– blaming the umpires
– diversionary tactics
– horses**t

7 responses to “Jim Leyland bleeps again

  1. I predict a Judge Leyland TV show after Jim retires from baseball.

  2. or maybe a gameshow called Horsesh*t!

  3. Hopefully he can bottle some of this frustration up to use during spring training and the start of next season.
    I’m still coming to grips with the end of this year. A few more home games to go to but knowing we aren’t going any where is still hard to swollow after “the good year”.

  4. Does anyone get this feeling that this is going to be Jim Leyland’s last year with the Tigers? He sure looks burnt out like his forgettable year with the Rockies.

  5. David, tiff, I would watch both those shows.
    Paul, it’s definitely disheartening to think that we’re not even in a race at this point. Enjoy the season while we can, though, right? The offseason always sucks.
    Leslie, no.

  6. Isn’t Leyland the best cartoon

  7. He’s up there. Draw an angry-looking old dude with a cig and everyone knows who it is.

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