Gary Sheffield's big game

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Five RBI? That’s what I’d call a Pretty Good Game, and that’s what Gary Sheffield did tonight. The solo shot was fun, but the grand slam? Well, it’s nice to see that the old dude’s still got some pop in his bat, and that brought him up to… what, 496, right? So if he can get four more homers this season, he’ll hit 500. That’s something left for the Tigs to shoot for, anyhow.

Miner didn’t pitch wonderfully in this one, and he kind of fell apart at the end of his (short) outing, but the bullpen was solid and for once the lopsided (in our favor!) pitching matchup that we had anticipated actually came to be. A rarity indeed, for this team.

Short post today, ’cause, uh, it was my birthday, I celebrated accordingly. It was also Billfer’s birthday, so obviously September 8th is the best day of the year for birthing Tigers bloggers. Parents, plan accordingly.

The Race to .500!

Onwards, upwards! or at least straight-line-wards towards the perfectly flat plane of even mediocrity. We need 11 wins to reach the promised land, and we’ve still got 7 losses to spare.

Tuesday is another 7:05 pm EDT game, Nate Robertson vs. Dana Eveland. Oh jeez. Nate’s back in the rotation because Kenny has a bum hip and a general sense of pitching malaise. At least Nate has starting experience? ‘Though of course, you know, we took him out of the rotation for a REASON… oy. I’ll be at the Sox/Rays game (assuming it doesn’t rain on us, which, with my luck, it will), so, I don’t know, just don’t embarrass us, Nate? Can you handle that? Probably not. Go Tigers!

ETA: The Red Sox game went super long and I am super tired, so, eh, if you want to comment on the Tuesday game, do it here. Nate gave it his all and did NOT embarrass us, so gold star for him and all that. Bobby Seay and Fernando conspired to ruin it for him. Black holes for them. We still need 11 wins to reach .500 and have 6 losses left to spare. The Wednesday game is at 1:05 pm EDT for, like, reasons and stuff. Armando vs. Sean Patrick Gallagher from Boston, aka The Most Irish Dude Possible Who Is Not Actually From Ireland. Ugh, I just realized he’s my age, too. I hate when that happens. Go Tigers!

6 responses to “Gary Sheffield's big game

  1. Maybe Nate will deliver a late birthday win!
    …and Kenny’s hip is out. He was chasing raccoons and it went out on him. Poor Yeller.

  2. Why would Kenny be chasing raccoons?
    Because Nate is starting, my stomach has a bad feeling. Prove my gut wrong, Nate.
    I hope Sheff hits his 500th homerun before this season ends. I’m thinking Dombrowski & Leyland keep him in the lineup just for this milestone. His 500th in a Tiger uniform (big deal). If Sheff hits it, maybe they will then unload him in the offseason.

  3. Happy birthday Sam!
    Here’s hoping we get to see a start from 2006 or 2007 Nate and not 2008 Nate…

  4. AND, Sheff’s number 496 was number 250,000 in MLB history! Well, history as in since they started keeping track of such things I suppose.

  5. So the opposite of a gold star is a black hole?

  6. David, Nate tried his best. :/
    LooLa, it’s not that he’s chasing raccoons specifically, it’s that he’s Old Yeller, see. I don’t really care about Sheff hitting his 500th in a Tigers uni, but I do think it would be a nice thing to get excited over late in the season. Cats know we have nothing else to really get us psyched.
    Thanks second David!
    Phil, a wonderful and useless factoid! Excellent.
    FrogMan, exactly.

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