Is Galarraga getting tired in his arm or his soul or both?

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Two bad games does not make a trend, but it does make… uh, a straight line? So. Yeah.

In his last start, Armando gave up six runs on three (!) hits and six walks over six innings. Six six six. Today Armando gave up five runs on eight hits and one walk over four innings. He threw 82 pitches today and 102 pitches his last time out, so he was on pretty much the same pace despite his relative lack of free passes this afternoon.

In the entire month of August prior to this (that’s six starts), he only failed to have a quality start ONCE, and the Tigers won that game anyways.

In his entire pro career, Armando has started this many games (18) in any one place only ONCE, and that was last year at double-A in the Texas minor league system. He has never (ever!) started this many games at this level of competition and stress.

I smell sweaty panting pitcher exhaustion, and it does not smell good.

The surprising thing is not that Armando is slowing down here at the end of the season, when the brisk autumn winds are starting to ruffle our whiskers and many things once green and growing begin to wither and die, such as oak leaves and foolish hopes that the Lions will remember how to play football and Kenny Rogers’ ligaments. The surprising thing is really that he’s lasted this long.

The bullpen was great today: five innings of no-hit, no-run ball is more than we could ever ask for from their motley little gang. Unfortunately the bats made the Oakland pitchers look like some kind of sick pitching geniuses. Oh, I know that Leyland was sitting a lot of guys today to give them extra time to rest their weary bones (Maggs and Polanco both pinch hit but did not start; Edgah, who has oddly been kind of hot with the bat lately, didn’t play), but there were zero extra-base hits today from the Tigers. ZERO. That’s pretty gross.

Curious Rod Allen quote of the day:
“Me and Ty [Van Burkleo, the Oakland hitting coach] were the only two Americans on the team [the Hiroshima Carp], so we spent a lotta time together.” *pause* “I mean we hung out a lot.”

Did he think that people would assume something else?

The Race to .500!

Blah blah, need 11 wins, only 5 losses left to spare. I’m… I’m not sure we can keep our losses under five for the rest of the season. This is a highly discouraging thought.

Thursday is an offday, so everyone can kick back and enjoy a day where it is guaranteed that the Tigers will not lose. Friday’s game is at 8:11 pm EDT in the Cell. Justin Verlander vs. the Dank Danks. Did you know that Verlander and Danks have both won 10 games? But Verlander has an ERA of 4.78 and a WHIP of 1.38 while Danks has an ERA of 3.44 and a WHIP of 1.27. Wins = lol. Go Tigers!


3 responses to “Is Galarraga getting tired in his arm or his soul or both?

  1. Awww, Armando the sad Tiger. :'(
    ìMe and Ty [Van Burkleo, the Oakland hitting coach] were the only two Americans on the team [the Hiroshima Carp], so we spent a lotta time together.î *pause* ìI mean we hung out a lot.î
    Yeah, really, Rod? He does talk about players’ physiques a lot, though. Maybe he thinks people wonder.

  2. I would consider shutting Armando down for the rest of this misbegotten season. He is a member of next year’s rotation; why try to push him when the games mean nothing?

  3. More like Armando the tired tiger. I don’t think he’s too sad, just, y’know, panting.
    Leshnock, I agree. There’s no need to push a guy who’s already being pushed to his limits for a season that’s just limping to the end.

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