Curtis Granderson is a Saved by the Bell fan

photo by Samara Pearlstein

This just has to be shared. Granderson’s doing the TBS postgame show, and they were asking him, since he grew up in Chicago, if he was a Cubs or Wrong Sox fan. Curtis says, nope, Braves fan.


He claims that it’s because Braves games were on TBS all the time (I find this AWFULLY convenient and a little suspect… after all, he IS doing broadcasts for that very channel at the moment. Then again, Curtis Granderson is perfect and as such would not lie to us), so he watched them a lot.

And Cubs games often interfered with his favorite TV show. Saved by the Bell.

He was all adorkably embarrassed by it, and then, as usual, instead of letting this golden nugget of happiness sit where it was, TBS had to try to hammer it into the ground by photoshopping Granderson and the rest of the crew into photos from Saved by the Bell (I will admit that The Eck looked hilarious in it. Everyone else: total overkill).

Curtis Granderson. Braves. Saved by the Bell. Somehow, that is awesome.

(And I am quite glad that he did not grow up a Wrong Sox fan. Really that’s just further proof that he is a perfect human being.)

ETA: Unrelated to Tigers, but if you want to see my Red Sox fan playoff concerns, rendered pithily in Terrible Cartoon form, you can enjoy that very thing over here.


8 responses to “Curtis Granderson is a Saved by the Bell fan

  1. Granderson makes everything better.

  2. It’s not too surprising that Granderson is a Braves fan. Even I used to like the Braves because they were on so much and nobody else was. I’m sorry I missed him tonight. I actually found myself rooting for him to be good on those shows last year and he was.

  3. I read somewhere about the braves so I believe it. But this other delicious fried nugget of awesome is more than I can take! I bet he loved Slater!

  4. I was actually something of a Cubs fan for much the same reason. The Cubs were always on WGN when I got home from school. But before I became a baseball fan, I was always mad when the Cubs were on because it meant I wouldn’t get to watch the Superfriends that day.

  5. ivantopumpyouup

    WHAT I can’t believe I missed that.
    Also I thought he was a MFWS fan. This is good to know.

  6. I actually have heard him (actually, more like read him) say that before on his blog. I don’t think Grandy was just pandering to the TBS crowd. (As you pointed out, our Curtis would never do such a thing.)

  7. I’ve heard him say that before too…

  8. David, truth.
    Lee, I’ve found myself staying up UNREASONABLY LATE just to watch Grandy (and The Eck, I can admit it) on the postgame show. It is crazy but worth it.
    tiff, heitk1le, Stacey, yeah, further research indicates that he’s at least mentioned it on his blog before he said it here. But like I said– I don’t really believe Curtis Granderson would lie to us. ;)
    Ian, I just love everything about that comment.
    ivan, inorite? As if he wasn’t already perfect enough, he somehow managed to grow up deep in Wrong Sox territory while avoiding the taint of Wrong Sox fandom. It is miraculous.

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