The Tigers season is over. Let's cover it again… comic book style.

Why? More like WHY NOT!

Click the pages to see them bigger/more readable.

To be continued!


20 responses to “The Tigers season is over. Let's cover it again… comic book style.

  1. tears of Joy, my dearest Samara. I hope this comes out in limited edition print.

  2. BRILLIANT! You are crazy, but absolutely brilliant!

  3. it’s all great, but the spazzosaurus’ expression of deranged glee in the last panel is beyond amazing. i think it’s the first time we’ve seen him show expression? i can’t even explain how much i love that last panel, really.

  4. I agree with FrogMan

  5. Wow. Awesome. How long did this take???

  6. O. M. G.
    You are an insane genius and I bow before your might. Also, I look forward to more!

    Really, I don’t have much more to say. I look forward to seeing the rest of the season, and more Jim Leyland and Nate Robertson… :)

  8. Dave, too long. :P Thankfully (?) the Sox game last night ran so long that I was able to finish the coloring. It IS the color that takes longest (or maybe is the most annoying) so subsequent ‘issues’ may not be colored if I get lazy.
    PfP, I am glad you enjoy the fruits of my insanity.
    David, there will obvs be more of both at some point. Jim Leyland especially is fun to draw. And Nate’s goggles are obviously part of a (hapless) superhero costume…

  9. This is the finest comic I’ve possibly ever seen. I can’t decide if I love the weeping tiger or the gleeful sociopathic spazzasaurus more.

  10. That was AWESOME!!!
    Must continue! (Even though some of it was painful to relive.)

  11. ivantopumpyouup

    I died.

  12. In-freaking-credible.
    The Spazzasaurus is a nefarious villain that had its way with the Tigers of aught eight.

  13. Sam you need to print that. I love it. I’m so jealous of your talents.

  14. I’m dead serious, if the series continues and covers the insanity that was Detroit Tigers baseball, v.2008, and someone gets this printed as a graphic novel of sorts… I’d plunk down money to have a copy. Seriously. Great start, looking forward to the remainder.

  15. This is awesome, I’m so looking forward to the full comic rendering of our Tiger season!
    Kudos to your great work all season long and this wonderful recap for us. :)
    Big paws up!

  16. stephen grosberg

    what everyone misses is who produces when they need it, namely rbi in 1 run games. Sheffield and polonco don’t do it while granderson and guillan do it. Even santiago is far superior to renteria. LARISH, JOYCE SHOW POSSIBILITIES. There were no reliable relievers though willis showed an ability to get lefties out. I’d test hessman, mososco, fien, darrow, weinhardt, simons and definitely play dusty ryan. The future is in the minors with speedy callups. Jim skelton is the big sleeper.

  17. My favorite bit is: “Stop bitin’ me!” “GRAR!!!”

  18. You are scary-talented, man. You should be working for SI or something.

  19. What they said. I likewise bow before your awesomeness.
    I selfishly vote for color comix, and I’m willing to wait for them if that’s what it takes. It’s a long off-season and I’m not going anywhere.

  20. Thanks everyone. :) It’s nice to know that you can be completely out of your mind, and people will still enjoy the strange things you make while under the influence of said insanity.

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