important RotT notice

photo by Samara Pearlstein

OK, first off, the next installment (episode? issue?) of The Season of Much Woe comic is being worked on: I’ve got a couple pages inked and a few more already laid out, and I’m debating whether I should post it without colors or not. The story is very exciting, with lots of standing around and talking and also monsters and shooting. So that will be up relatively soon.

But this is mostly just to let you guys know that the long-awaited MVN platform change should be happening soon. It’s supposed to be done by October 15. Now, I know we tried this once before already, but this time it ought to be FOR REAL, YO. We are not expecting any downtime on the site.

There are going to be a number of changes to MVN itself, but what will this mean for RotT? The site’s gonna look different, for one thing; I believe column width will be greater, making it possible for me to post wider and thus infinitely more obnoxious images, and there should be a little more in the way of team-specific colors instead of all this gray. But the most important thing to note is that


I repeat: the RotT web address WILL BE CHANGING. Links pointing to this address will no longer direct you to RotT! If you go to the current address, you will get something, but IT WILL NOT BE ROAR OF THE TIGERS. This has not been explained to me with 110% clarity, but I believe at this address you will instead get a space including everything posted anywhere on MVN that pertains to the Tigers – a MVN Tigers content round-up page, if you will. Roar of the Tigers SHOULD be accessible somewhere on that page, i.e. I have been led to believe that there will be a link from there, so on the Day of Reckoning you should be able to find RotT’s new address with just one additional click.

Now, I THINK the RotT new address will be but I am NOT positive on that. I can email you as soon as I know the new address; you can either comment on this post (in which case I can see your email) saying you’d like to be notified, or you can email me at bluecatsredsox at gmail dot com saying you’d like to be notified. Or you can just wait ’til October 15 and find the new address on your own. Again, I have been led to believe that this will not be too difficult, but I’m not really sure what the new page at this address is going to look like, so who knows.

If you watch this page via RSS feed, that will also be changing. I will try to let you guys know where to find the new feed as soon as I know.

IF YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG LINKS TO ROAR OF THE TIGERS, I REPEAT, THE CURRENT ADDRESS WILL NO LONGER DIRECT YOU TO ROAR OF THE TIGERS AFTER OCTOBER 15. PLZ BE PREPARED TO UPDATE YOUR MAD CRAZY LINKZ AFTER THAT DATE. I know this is a pain in the stripey tail and I am not particularly happy about it myself, but it is apparently the Only Way this particular platform change could go.

So that’s your heads up. I’m not planning to change content at all, or to let any of these shenanigans slow down the comics – they’ll be posted as they’re finished, whenever that may be, without regard for the change-over. Get ready to be alert around the 15th, and you can join me in hoping that the new MVN won’t suck.

7 responses to “important RotT notice

  1. Oooh put me on the list for the new address please! :)

  2. I’m sure we’ll all be able to sort though the MVN webstuffs and find our Roar of the Tigers fix ASAP.
    I’m looking forward to all an all new enhanced Roar web layout!
    Good luck with the new location and I hope the sawdust settles fast.

  3. Best email me an update on the address or i’ll totally forget to update the linkz

  4. Please notify me Samara.

  5. So noted! I’ll let you guys know when I do (which will probably be right around when the change-over takes place).
    Paul, the hope is that, yeah, it will be easy to find RotT again even if people are coming to the new page that will be at this location, but I just have no idea what it’s going to look like, so I can’t promise that’ll be the case. Definitely tearing my hair out over this one.

  6. Please send me an e-mail too.

  7. I suspect I could find the new location, but I would hate to risk not being able to find the rest of the year in review, so please shoot me the new location, too.

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