Roar of the Tigers reacts in a most inevitable fashion to the Matt Joyce trade

I really had more or less talked myself into being OK with the Matt Joyce/Edwin Jackson trade.

I wasn’t overjoyed with it or anything, but I could see the rationale and I was, I think, fairly level-headed about it when I wrote the post about it. After I had that up, though, I went to look at what everyone else thought about the move, and realized


And I think we all know how we deal with stuff like that around here.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Click for slightly bigger, as per usual.

SIGH. Have fun playing in a giant beret, Mr. Joyce. Detroit, and perhaps more importantly its kittens, will miss you.


7 responses to “Roar of the Tigers reacts in a most inevitable fashion to the Matt Joyce trade

  1. *sniff*
    That is awesome.

  2. Tiny kitten. :( Giant beret. :(

  3. You are the best

  4. Our kittens are in peril, but maybe the hamsters will reign supreme. Sad face.
    As always, the graphics are incredible! Thank you, Samara.

  5. Awwww!!!

  6. best baseball blog ever! Samara…you continuously amaze me…
    When are you going to build some custom artwork for your header?

  7. Samara Pearlstein

    Thanks guys. Lisa– maybe next year someone will have Leyland’s hamsters. We sure could use ’em…
    Och, Tim, I know, there seriously needs to be more art up around the place… I keep putting it off ’cause I hate bugging poor Brandon. Maybe we’re far enough beyond the transition now that it’s slowed down some, though?

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