2008 in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review

photo by Samara Pearlstein

As we limp towards the New Year (especially those of us who are also Lions fans), it is time to indulge in an annual tradition here at RotT: the Amusingly Amateur Photo Review, where we review the few scattered Tigers games I attended this past season, camera clutched in my stripey little paws.

Feeling nostalgic for a time that was not filled with vomitry and oblique injuries? Check out photos from 2006 and 2007.

April 25, Comerica, Ervin Santana vs. Nate Robertson (4-3, Angels)

I don’t have too many photos from this game because we were sitting way high up. It was a fairly fast game except for the 4th inning, when Nate experienced some sort of existential crisis and gave up four runs. He pitched three scoreless innings before that and three scoreless innings after, so the rest of his season remained as-yet unpredictable. O how foolish we were in our gentle optimism.

If you click this one to look at it a little larger, you will see that one of the tigers appears to be eating the sun. BALLPARK NOMS.

Yeah, that’s one row away from the top of the section. I am basically just trusting everyone else when they tell me Nate pitched this game; I know he was supposed to, but from up there I just had to take their word for it.

Many Tigers fans at the bar after the game. The joys of the Detroit nightlife!

A few more shots from this one can be seen here.

May 5, Comerica, Daisuke Matsuzaka vs. Jeremy Bonderman (6-3 Red Sox)

Poor Bondo. He made it out of the first inning OK, but slowly fell to bits after that. His medical problems were discovered in early June, so he was almost certainly feeling the effects already. Dice K walked a ton of Tigers but STRANDED was the word of the day, and the Tigs did not have any extra base hits. ZERO. For added lulz, Edgar made two errors. It can only go up at shortstop in ’09, right? Right?

Chocolate tiger! This, plus of course the view, is really the highlight of luxury box seating for me, ’cause, you know: IT’S A TIGER WHAT.

Out front before the game. Obvious touristy shot is obvious.

DRAMATIC TIGER! Backlighting with the sun forced some funky exposure.

A few more shots from this one are here. Again, not that many photos just due to the location of the seats.

May 6, Comerica, Tim Wakefield vs. Nate Robertson (5-0 Red Sox)

In which Tim Wakefield is a knuckleballing genius and Nate Robertson does nawt unnerstand what is a base bawl??


Despite the junk getting in the way of the foreground, I cannot get enough of this stuff. The Big Papi Smile is deadly on its own, and so is the Polanco Grin. Both of them deployed together, in close proximity, is almost more than I can take.

Hur huuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

This was when Edgar came out on deck but completely forgot his batting helmet. You see that laughing smile? That is the smile of a man who feels so GOSH DARN AWFULSOCKS about his fielding that he thinks massive head trauma might somehow improve it.

Freddi Dolsi’s very first big league appearance! Naturally, the very first ever big league batter he faced was Manny Ramirez, who promptly smashed a homerun.

And here’s the scorecard from the game (click for much bigger and actually readable). Pretty straightforward. There wasn’t anything too funky in this one.

Many more photos over here, ’cause I went to shoot BP, and our gametime seats were quite good. Too bad I had such great views of such a urinepoor Tigers performance.

July 19, Camden Yards, Nate Robertson vs. Daniel Cabrera, (11-10 Orioles)

Crazy, crazy game, with bucketloads of scoring and a last minute comeback by the O’s. Games where someone bats around AND there are extra innings? Not cool for people scoring the game. At all.

Oh, Miggy.

Seriously, in my world, ALL of Dombrowski’s shirts are like this. ALL OF THEM.

Say whatever you like about the baseball skills of Marcus Thames, but he has an awesome smile.

The controversial play where Polanco slid home in the top of the 10th and should have been called SAFE, but was instead called out. The game was tied; if he had been safe, the Tigers would have been up one. Instead Luke Scott hit a walkoff homerun in the bottom of the inning to win it for the O’s. I CALL SHENANIGANS.

And here’s the scorecard. It is a complete mess. The Tigs batted around in the first, the O’s batted around in the third, and the game went to a tenth inning. Scoring misery of the top order.

Many more photos from the game here.

July 20, Camden Yards, Justin Verlander vs. Brian Burres (5-1 Tigers)

My one win of the season. Sad. This game was so hot that I thought I was going to die. Don’t go to Baltimore in July. Just don’t do it.

This was the beginning of the Bald Brandon Inge Saga. He was actually being interviewed about his hair (lack thereof) here.

Vintage Verlander! He allowed only one run over 8.2 innings. We SO wanted him to get the complete game, but alas, it was not to be. He got a huge standing ovation when he was pulled, though.

Carlos attempted to ward off the implacable sun.

Ramon Santiago doin’ his infieldin’ thing.

And there’s the scorecard for this one.

Many more photos from the game here.

Happy New Year, kids and kittens!

6 responses to “2008 in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review

  1. Ugh, this is just making me miss baseball!
    The scorecards are a trip, I always love seeing how other people score games.

  2. Thank you for sharing all the photos. I really enjoyed looking at them.

  3. This year absolutely killed my lifetime Attendance Winning Percentage. I’m pretty sure I was present for at least half of Cabrera’s homeruns, though, which was neat. I credit my inspiring pep talks (“Okay, Miguel, imagine you are a boy back in Venezuela…”).

  4. I heard a sound of summer the other night. My mother had the Michigan State basketball game on, and from the other room, I heard a soothing, familiar voice…
    I had to go investigate…
    “Is that MARIO?” I asked.
    It was. Unfortunately, Rod was not doing the game with him. Which, come to think of it, would be a totally awesome idea…

  5. Oh, this makes me absolutely pine for my boys of summer, and a seat at the CoPa! ( Excessively dramatic sigh.)

  6. Great pics, Sam! I’m looking forward to Spring Training to get some good pics myself. No sleep ’til Lakeland!

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