the true story of the Gerald Laird trade

This is the true story, exactly as it happened. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s precisely this sort of piercing insight into front office maneuvers that brings you here to Roar of the Tigers again and again, or at least once and then very occasionally thereafter.

Two pages, pure lazy refusal to use a ruler, 100% of FACT!

Click for bigger, as per usual.

And, for no particular reason, here’s Guillermo Moscoso, aka the old cheese for which Gerald Laird was traded.

Wearin’ his old cheese hat.

Boring offseason is boring.

13 responses to “the true story of the Gerald Laird trade

  1. Sam, your latest comic would be hysterical if…it weren’t so spot on. I can easily imagine the trade went down EXACTLY as you depict.
    “Hitting am hard” indeed.

  2. When Leyland shrugged, I LOLed IRL. A truly magical moment. And is Inge joyously casting off his catching gear at the end there? This is really a thing of monumental strangeness/beauty.

  3. Brilliant.

  4. You are the best!

  5. I love how Dombrowski and Leyland conduct all their business in a very dark room. It’s very “X-Files”-ish.

  6. “We think it was Dmitri’s” … LOL! 5-1/2 weeks til pitchers & catchers!

  7. Thank you, this is hilarious, and filling the off-season boredom.

  8. Samara Pearlstein

    Al, scary, isn’t it? It’s like I have a direct line into their minds. ;)
    PfP, that is precisely what he is doing!
    Sean, Leshnock, Stacey, glad to help you through this difficult, baseball-free time.
    Ian, yes, but they are FAR too well-lit to be in the X-Files. They can only aspire to Mulderian levels of murkiness.
    Jeff, I know, I know, IT IS NOT SOON ENOUGH.

  9. ivantopumpyouup

    Gawd. I love your brain. I, too, LOL’d in RL like PfP, but it was at the Gerald Laird bit. Stiff, fat men. LOL. And Leyland shrugging.
    I love it.

  10. Boring offseason is boring. Inspired lunacy by Sam is big grins!!

  11. *Snork* Brilliant… As usual.

  12. Samara Pearlstein


  13. scary, isn’t it? It’s like I have a direct line into their minds.
    Could you please draw them acquiring some relief pitchers, then? :)

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