little Tigers blooming in the spring

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Thank cats, thank cats, the day is here! The air is fresh and full of fragrant floral promise! The birds are singing! Greenery erupts! Sort of! In some places! The cats are shedding their winter coats and throwing up many more hairballs than usual as a result! Joel Zumaya thinks optimistic thoughts about the closer’s role! Pitchers and catchers report!

Spring Training. Ah, such a delicious tease. It does not REALLY fulfill our insane thirst for baseball, because it is still basically a series of puff articles about grown men frolicking in the warmer climes and not playing any games that count. But we love it, because it is SOMETHING, and any miniscule amount of baseball at all is still much, much better than, say, stock car racing, or televised poker.

It is minutely possible that something post-worthy will come out this weekend– I don’t know, maybe Dontrelle will turn on his turbo-robo-arm and incinerate a backstop?– but I, alas, will be in Florida and will not be able to post on it until either Monday night or Tuesday.

I might also come back with baseball photos! Potentially! But they would be photos of baby Orioles, because that’s the only Spring Training facility that will be in my vicinity. When I realized that I was going to be in Florida while baseball (in an admittedly extremely attenuated form) was happening but that I was going to be inconveniently far away from Lakeland, I made many sadfaces. Such is life.

Spring! When a young Tiger’s thoughts turn to roster assignments. Truly a beautiful season.

7 responses to “little Tigers blooming in the spring

  1. Casey on the Bench

    Happy Pitchers & Catchers, Samara. Pity you’re stuck in Florida for it–wouldn’t you rather be in the D right now?

  2. Awww, the little Cabrera-head on that branch looks so hopeful. I kind of love his roster photo.

  3. Samara, I think you need to post a warning above photo illustrations like that. I’m sitting in a public place, and very nearly had an inappropriate fit of laughter at the sight of all the little budding Tigers.
    But maybe it’s my own fault, for attempting to read your blog in public.

  4. That image is disturbing to me – the little heads! with the little feet! – and yet . . . beautiful.

  5. I loved the spring picture Sam……….I thought I share with you and everyone this wonderful podcast Mike did with Rusty Kuntz. (Very Cool)

  6. Holy crap, I just saw the little feet attached to the heads and now I am terrified.

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