Roar of the Tigers at Spring Training

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Well, Orioles Spring Training. But there were a couple things that may be of mild interest to Tigers fans, and I thought I’d share with you lot. Totally not forcing this one at all. Nope. Not a bit of it.

(clicking these takes you to their respective Flickr pages, where you can see them more clearly)

Yes, it is our old chum Jamie Walker, representin’ in the spring with a pretty awful mustache. I still have a soft spot for Jamie, because he was mostly quite good with Detroit, and he was always armed with a glorious and occasionally hick-tastic quote or two, and he always seemed to genuinely want to play in Detroit, which is something you certainly cannot say about everyone.

Did you know that in 2006, his last season with the Tigers, Jamie Walker’s WHIP was 1.146? That is better than EVERY SINGLE TIGERS PITCHER in 2008, with the exception of Freddy Garcia, who only pitched in three games. Ah, memories.

Why, it’s 2002 Detroit Tigers first round pick Scott Moore! We ended up trading him to the Cubs in ’05 as part of the Farnsworth deal, and he’s bounced around in a desultory sort of way ever since, but, you know, there he is.

Pay no mind to that fellow in the front– the dude in the middle, fully facing the camera, is former Cub Rich Hill, or perhaps I should say: RICH HILL, MICHIGAN WOLVERINE. Is this related to the Tigers? Not really. Is this awesome? Yes.

Matt Wieters is a 6’5 switch-hitting catcher who will be 23 years old in May and hit .355/.454/.600 at a combination of high-A and double-A last season, after having kicked all kinds of butts at Georgia Tech. I have an insane baseball-fan-lust for his skill-set and hereby declare that he should be traded to the Tigers immediately. For Great Justice.

The rest of the photos from my (sadly all too brief) Spring Training excursion can be seen here. There is rather a lot of orange– which, as we all know, is a fine color for a baseball team to use.

It is also perhaps worth mentioning that Placido Polanco will not be playing in the World Baseball Classic after all. Of course this means that at least one of our worries has been somewhat alleviated.

4 responses to “Roar of the Tigers at Spring Training

  1. Your wide shots are hella pretty. And I agree, Wieters should be ours, because…. um. BECAUSE.

  2. Ah, Jamie Walker memories. Yes, I did love his hick-tastic quotes, and just his general goofy way.
    I’ve been checking in to the Freep pretty regularly lately, since I an unable to travel to Lakeland, and need my spring training fix. I’ve already seen a couple of pictures of Adam Everett making goofy faces and am already convinced I’m going to like him.
    However, I was disturbed by a couple of images I’ve seen so far:

  3. Samara Pearlstein

    Thanks PfP! And, yeah. Because.
    I think– hope– that we’ll be OK with Brandon; I noticed him doing that in Fenway too, he tends to leave his pantlegs down for BP and practice a lot of the time. Now, if he starts playing games without the high socks, we have a serious problem and we will have to find a way to address it. Perhaps a letter writing campaign.

  4. Like I said elsewhere– that mustache is disturbing.

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