Italy/Venezuela liveblog: Tigers 'round the world

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Livebloggin’ time! The unlikely Canada-killer, Italy! The Tiger-ful team, Venezuela! Words, on the internet! 5 pm, Tuesday!

Remember that this is a liveblog, not a chatroom– not all comments will automatically be posted, especially if we get a bunch of people participating and things get chaotic. If something comes through the queue after the topic of conversation has already moved on, I probably won’t approve it, because it will just look confusing. Remember that this is not BCRS, so we’re gonna try to keep the swearing to a minimum, ’cause we are classy over here, sort of. Click the link to access the liveblog!

WBC Italy/Venezuela


postscript: things we learned from this game:

–Rick Sutcliffe is in love with catcher Francisco Cervelli. So in love. Swooningly, dreamily in love.
–ESPN2 is Eurocentric, will only give us facts about Italy and not Venezuela.
–Tiago Da Silva’s pitching motion must be experienced, cannot be described.
–Miguel Cabrera has shaved off the chin pubes.
–We love fat ballplayers so hard.
–But not as hard as Rick Sutcliffe loves Francisco Cervelli.
–Mike Piazza: he says “dude”

Many thanks to ivantopumpyouup, Snuppy the Hound, anaaki, and jen for joining me to watch the unlikely but undeniably sweet love story of an announcer and a fat Yankee catcher unfold before our very eyes.

I should also mention that it was Yurendell de Caster, prospect for the Detroit Tigers, who hit tonight’s game-winning grounder for the Netherlands, knocking the Dominican Republic out of the WBC and shocking the world. Tiger cubs, takin’ their place in history and stuff.

5 responses to “Italy/Venezuela liveblog: Tigers 'round the world

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Orestes Destrade has his harem of fat Asian sluggers and Rick Sutcliffe has his fat Italian catcher. Love is in the airrrr.

  2. Doesn’t one have to be born in the country to play on the team? Wasn’t Grilli born in Royal Oak, MI?

  3. You mean Yurendell de Castoff, who has been playing at AAA for 4 years now… And plays third base, so stands ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of making the Tigers because, you know, third base is already covered and all… Still, maybe, just like in MLB, there seems to be one team that comes from out of nowhere every year (our own Tigers being that team in 2006), there will be one team every time they hold this tournament that just inexplicably goes belly-up despite an incredible talent level. USA was that team last time.

  4. As it turns out, one of the best baseball columnists anywhere agrees:

  5. Samara Pearlstein

    ivan, it is truly a beautiful thing. Who would have guessed that the WBC would bring so many people together in love!
    Lisa, here’s the official WBC eligibility rule:
    A player is eligible to participate on a World Baseball Classic team if:
    –The player is a citizen of the nation the team represents. (Additionally, if a player is qualified for citizenship or to hold a passport under the laws of a nation represented by a team, but has not been granted citizenship or been issued a passport, then the player may be made eligible by WBCI upon petition by the player or team.)
    –The player is a permanent legal resident of the nation or territory the team represents.
    –The player was born in the nation or territory the team represents.
    –The player has one parent who is, or if deceased was, a citizen of the nation the team represents.
    –The player has one parent who was born in the nation or territory the team represents.
    So I’m guessing at least one of Grilli’s parents was born in Italy/is an Italian citizen.
    Jeff, hey, a MLB castoff can be a Netherlands hero. SUCH IS THE MAGIC OF THE WBC! :D

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