the WBC clutches its Tigers to the bitter end

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

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Oh, I know what you’re saying. RotT, stop with the World Baseball Classic stuff already, I do not even care, why do you not tell us about Rick Porcello’s fingernail and suchlike? Maybe you would rather talk about Jeremy Bonderman’s debatable live/dead/zombie status, or how gross Justin Verlander looks in a green hat. Maybe you would rather hear about how Joel Zumaya’s general health has become an ivory-billed woodpecker: magnificent when present, but currently elusive, existing only in rumors and hearsay, functionally extinct.

TOO BAD! Both Team USA and Team Venezuela have made it to the WBC semifinals, which means that all the Tigers who matter are still playing. Other teams are getting their Dominican and Puerto Rican and Canadian and Mexican players back to their Spring Training camps, but not the Tigers, ooooohhh no.

You think Armando Galarraga minds? Hell no. He doesn’t want to catch whatever strain of uncontrollable twitching awfuls Dontrelle has.

If you have been following the liveblogs here and at BCRS, you know that the WBC games have by and large been AWESOME, in one way or another, and that the final four teams are really something about which a baseball fan can get unduly excited.

Japan: crazy insanely good pitching staff!!
Korea: thunderstix!!
Venezuela: TIGERS!!
USA: Curtis Granderson!!

Possibly the greatest final four in the history of all tournaments. I am so psyched that it has become difficult to blog, because I keep balling my hands up into little fists so that I can shake them around excitedly.

Semifinal game 1, Korea/Venezuela, will be at 9pm on ESPN, Saturday. No liveblog, sadly. Semifinal game 2, USA/Japan, will be at 8pm on ESPN, Sunday. Yes liveblog! The final will be 9pm on ESPN, Monday, and there will be a liveblog right here at RotT for it. It is of course possible that all the Tigers will have been knocked out by then, but the liveblog will be here regardless.

And then we will be able to get back to discussions of Marcus Thames’ oblique or whatever. Until then: WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC. FEEL THE INTERNATIONAL MAGNIFICENCE.


5 responses to “the WBC clutches its Tigers to the bitter end

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    I love the image!

  2. I am going to be sad when the World Baseball Classic ends for a moment then be happy because the regular season is close at hand.
    My strange love of Dontrelle has me weeping at his inability to get it back together. Meanwhile I am wondering if Jeremy Bonderman has an apothecary with ingredients that could help his fellow Tiger refind that slippery manx known as control.
    Of course I can no longer think of Bonderman as a pitcher caught in between undeath/death/life but rather as a 19th century gentleman writing handbills that discuss proper facial hair waxing products and shoulder injury recovery procedures.

  3. Great posts throughout the WBC! Sadly the boy’s from Venezuela are likely on their way to Lakeland today.
    I’ve been trying to compile some combined stats between the four WBC ballers and the guys stuck in Lakeland. Shocked that Mags only hit .230 and Carlos only .210. Those are awful Inge-like numbers.

  4. Samara Pearlstein

    Thanks ivan!
    David, I expect those will be my feelings– OH NOOOO IT’S OVER, but YAY OPENING DAY SOON. And I don’t think your love of Dontrelle is so strange: pitching aside, he’s by all accounts a great guy, and he’s funny, which means he’s already halfway to being a RotT fave.
    Bondo should lounge around the clubhouse in a smoking jacket, I think someone needs to make this happen.
    Fred, yeah, at least Venezuela had a good run. I wouldn’t put TOO much stock in their numbers, they are small sample sizes and they weren’t getting as much work as they probably would have had in Spring Training. ‘Course that may come back to bite us during the season….

  5. Bondo in the smoking jacket makes for really bizarrely-contrasting mental images vs. Jim Leyland’s “bib overalls — no shoes and socks — got a straw hat, got a case of beer next to him, got the hat slightly over his eyes with a fishing pole in his hand and taking a nap”

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