Armando struggles, Granderson does not.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I am tired and sick, so you get disjointed thoughts tonight! Wicked.

— Poor Arrrrrrmando. He just did not have his stuff, or anyone else’s stuff for that matter. There was an overall lack of Stuff in all its forms, unless you’re talking bad, struggly Stuff, in which case there was plenty. I will say that I am moderately impressed by his ability to stay in the game and get through 5 complete innings despite all his troubles. That was encouraging. It really looked like he was going to be gone before the third inning even ended, so, good on you for that, Arrrrrmando.

He needs the encouragement, he looked really, REALLY mad at himself when he was sitting on the bench after he had been pulled.

— CURTIS GRANDERSON IS MAGNIFICENCE PERSONIFIED. Did you see that first inning leadoff home run? Did you see that third inning leadoff home run? Did you see that Curtis Granderson is amazing in most every way? Yes, you saw that. Unless you have vision problems, in which case you heard it.

Or maybe you were not watching or listening to the game, in which case, if you’re a Tigers fan, you know it already anyways.

— Early in the game Carlos Guillen got to first base. He had one of his back pockets hanging out, as he generally does. This is, of course, a technical violation of the uniform code and some umpires will order a player to tuck his pocket(s) back in, but there are a number of them who prefer it for some superstitious baseballian reason and always try to get away with it.

Andy Van Slyke was standing directly behind him. When Carlos reached the bag, Van Slyke casually glanced over at the first base umpire, then reached down and, entirely without comment, delicately TUCKED GUILLEN’S POCKET BACK IN FOR HIM. I nearly died.

— Tim Timmons has Issues.

— A number of Rod-isms in this one.

After Inge’s “RBI single” in the second, which was a ball thrown away by Weaver:
Rod: Woah! Is it Inge’s birthday today or something?
(some chatter about the badness of the call, including Rod declaring it one of the worst scoring decisions he’s ever seen)
Rod: Don’t write it down [on your scorecard] in pen.
Mario: (plaintively) But I just did.
Rod: Get some whiteout!

Rod: Napoli’s not a small boy, anyways.

After Mario said something about Galarraga’s “laborious” third inning:
Rod: You get that word from Bill Brown?
Mario: Every time I use a word with more than one syllable, Bill Brown comes up.

Bill Brown is the travel secretary and is apparently some sort of wordsmith. Or at least what passes for a wordsmith among baseball men, which means that he uses words with more than one syllable.

After a shot of the Tigers dugout, with empty cups and other such debris strewn all over the ground:
Rod: What a messy dugout!
Mario: (laughs)
Rod: Don’t be afraid to put your cups in the trash, kids!

There was also a longish discussion of Chone Figgins’ name, and how it’s pronounced “Shawn” but spelled weirdly, and is actually DeChone (although really he’s Desmond DeChone), and how Rod called him “ch`own”, sensibly rhyming with “cone,” the first time he called a game where Figgins played, and so on. It was tolerably funny, but I didn’t transcribe the whole thing. Sorry.

— While this game was going on I doodled cartoon!me, holding up an April in the D sign, and then smashing it to bits. When they sing “Apriiiiiiill, in the D! Tigers!!” with ‘Tigers’ in that quieter but still sickeningly enthusiastic tone, I want to just lie down on the floor in front of the TV and die. I feel it is important to share that.

— Guillen was 3-for-4. Maybe he needs Andy Van Slyke to tuck his pocket back in every game. It could be good luck.

— Brandon Inge made some really nice defensive plays, including line-drive catches and a spectacular throw home, while in midair and falling away from the play, to get an Angel at the plate. You all know my thoughts on Brandon Inge; I have stuck with him through thick and thin and .200 batting averages, so y’all can just cram it, look upon his mighty works and despair, haterz. Snap snap.

— Still working on Seattle photos. Have no fear! Game photo posts are forthcoming.


12 responses to “Armando struggles, Granderson does not.

  1. I watched the game on Gamecast and the third inning was tough to watch, what with Armando suddenly becoming a stranger to the strike zone.
    He still didn’t Carlos Silva (I live in the northwest and Silva is a dirty word here).
    I, too, am a big Inge supporter. Seeing him start off the 09 season doing well is great!

  2. Samara- I love how you notice the same things i do.
    I also loved the back-pocket-tucking skills of Andy Van Slyke. So delicate, indeed!

  3. I hate the west coast games because when the games start at 10 I can’t watch most of the game because I start work at 11. At least I can listen to the games. I will be able to watch tonight because I do not have to work.

  4. I saw Van Slyke tuck the pocket in too! It was incredibly touching to see him protect Guillen from fines, letter of reproof from the MLB brass, and the like. Hilarious.

  5. I really enjoyed the many Rod-isms during this game. It was the first game this season during which I have heard him refer to something as “lifting and separating,” which always makes me giggle, but last night he said it twice! I about died.
    Curtis Granderson is composed of equal parts magic and joy. I have even gotten Twins fans to admit to this.
    And, yes, it’s nice to see Inge finally stick it to his detractors. You go, Brandon Inge! Continue to make kickass plays and hit balls that are thrown at you in a useful manner! I will wear my Inge shirt with pride.

  6. Samara Pearlstein

    David O, I rather enjoy the use of ‘Carlos Silva’ as a verb.
    Shannon, Jen, ha ha, that’s right, that is what sets this blog apart. Paying attention to the vital details! :D That and the stupid drawings.
    Kevin R, I’m not overly fond of them myself, but I’m always screwed, ’cause I work at different times, so sometimes I can’t watch afternoon games, sometimes I can’t watch 7 pm starts, and sometimes I can’t watch the late starts. Ah well.
    Brenna, yes, lift and separate! I forgot to note that one. Does he realize that’s a bra-selling phrase, do you think? or did he just hear it once and like the way it sounded?

  7. I HATE it when the Tigers play the west coast at night. I miss all this goodness! (losing is bad, but goodness follows my Tigers in some form)

  8. Samara Pearlstein

    Yeah. Like, there’s losing, but on the other paw there’s Andy Van Slyke tucking Guillen’s pockets in…

  9. I actually did not see Curtis hit his first homerun. (I tuned in late.) So, when he came up the next time, I told him that he needed to do again so he could see it – and lo and behold, he did!
    I love it when my team listens to me! lol.
    Poor Armando. It was just one of those nights. But they still were in it until the last out, so I guess we can’t complain too much.
    And Rod Allen is awesome. Even when he started using brassiere advertising slogans to describe baseball players’s swings.

  10. mmm, happy Granderson and Inge goodness.
    It makes me so happy to see the Tigers bats continue to heat up. I really can’t think of anything worse than a slow start for a team in baseball, sure the A’s and Astros seemed to have mastered the come back run for awhile there but I think we all know what our season would look like if we started 0’fer April again.
    What ever Inge is doing with his swing it’s definitely a big paw full of awesomeness. He’s got me back on board the bandwagon after some rough years.

  11. ivantopumpyouup

    Armando was so delightfully pissy after getting pulled from last night’s game!
    And did you see him today, with his glasses? I didn’t even know he wore them. I have a weakness for guys who are not Nate Robertson in glasses.

  12. Samara Pearlstein

    Heitk1le, you need to speak directly to the team more often, obviously. Will it make you look insane? Perhaps. But not to another baseball fan, and that’s the main thing.
    Paul M, it’s especially nice to see the bats heat up after what happened last season…
    ivantopumpyouup, lol, drive-by NateHate! So cruel, so harsh. :P

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