Red Sox/Tigers brain 'splode 09: Game 3

A little afternoon baseball, featuring a potentially thrilling Tim Wakefield/Dontrelle Willis matchup. I say potentially thrilling because, given the way that Dontrelle pitches and the fact that Wakefield throws a knuckleball, we may see the most wild baseball of the season today.

Maybe one or both will prove me wrong and have pinpoint control for much of the day. That would be equally ridiculous, naturally.

You should all remember how this works, but just in case: it’s a liveblog, not a chatroom. It will mostly be me rambling. You can chime in if you’re watching, but not everything will necessarily be published. When the liveblog is over, you can replay it at any time, so fear not if you are unable to watch it unfold in realtime. The liveblog should go, er, live a little after 1 pm. Click the link to open the liveblog in a new window.

Red Sox/Tigers 09 Game 3

postscript: things we learned from this game:

–Miguel Cabrera needs to stretch more before day games
–never say good things about Tigers pitching in the middle of a game, they will immediately work as hard as they can to prove you wrong
–do not give Zach Miner men on base ever
–Brandon Inge cup adjustment may be the most exciting thing about this game
–the pineapple is actually a berry. Dane Sardinha is The Pineapple but is not, so far as we know, a berry
–Joel Zumaya: both terrible and amazing

Many thanks to kb, anaaki, and Less for chiming in. Everyone else, enjoy the transcript. Such as it is.


4 responses to “Red Sox/Tigers brain 'splode 09: Game 3

  1. Dontrelle is making me sad now but Zach Miner makes me angry.
    This last week or so has been blah for Tigers baseball. I wonder where their offense has gone.

  2. I don’t know if The Pineapple is a berry or not, but I know for damn sure he’s not a berry good hitter. Seriously, you just can’t have a guy who you literally expect to make an out every time he goes to the plate even if he does only play once or twice a week.

  3. Wilcoxon Signed-Rank

    ridiculous trade speculation alert!
    Matt Holliday said he’d be cool with the A’s trading him to a contender (do the Tigers qualify?).
    The Tigers desperately need another decent bat in the lineup as these past few games have shown. These past few games have also shown that Clete, as an everyday player, will usually be overmatched. As a leadoff hitter, he is in well over his head. I am sure he makes a fine leadoff guy in clubhouse prayer circles, however.
    Who would Oakland want for Holliday? The Tigers should find out.

  4. Samara Pearlstein

    David, see, I’m not quite angry at Zach Miner yet. Frustrated, yes. But I haven’t reached the Rage Stage. Perhaps in time.
    Matt, idk, I get the feeling that the Tigers are content to have a living, breathing body out there as a backup catcher, and anything else (rare hits, ability to call a game, two working hands) is just a bonus.
    Wilcoxon, I wonder. I keep forgetting that Holliday isn’t even 30 yet. If the A’s are smart (and, yanno… Billy Beane and all that) they won’t let him go cheap, and quite frankly I don’t think the Tigers should be depleting their minors much more than they did to deal with Florida. We’re kind of still recovering from that.

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