Tigers enjoy a brew

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Ah, how refreshing it is, going into an offday with an interleague sweep under your belt. It should be a rule of baseball that if you sweep the Brewers, you have to wash down the sweet taste of victory with some sort of beer. Unless you’re Rick Porcello, of course. We don’t want to encourage illegal behavior.

Friday was a mess of rain and delays and instant replay. Arrrrrmando didn’t get the win, as the 2+ hour delay knocked him out after four innings. Play resumed, soggily. The Tigers managed to make it an official game and an official nightmare for Braden Looper with a glorious flurry of homers (Miggy, Granderson, The River Thames [who hit a second homerun off of the poor sod who came in to relieve Looper]).

Instant replay giveth, and instant replay taketh away. The first instant-replay-overturned play in Comerica history was a Miguel Cabrera ‘single’ that was actually a homerun. The ball had bounced back onto the field, which I guess confused the umpires? It seemed pretty obvious to everyone else in the entire world, but to their credit the umps went in to look at it and they got it right in the end.

The second replay was similar– Dusty Ryan hit a ball that bounced back onto the field. This one was originally called a homerun, although again the player at least seemed to feel differently, as Dusty pulled up at second and looked for the call before continuing around to home. Melancholy Ken Macha argued it, the umps had a look, and sure enough the ball had bounced off the fence, not the (out of play) wall, as I guess the umps had first assumed.

So instant replay gave the Tigs a homerun and took a homerun away from the Tigs, and was correct both times. Why were people so deathly afraid of introducing this to the game of baseball? TECHNOLOGY, HELL YEAH.

Also, Brandon Inge had his first triple of the season.

The game ended up getting called in the 7th inning, but by then it was 10-4 Tigers, so it’s not like a near victory was being cruelly snatched away from the Brewers or anysuchthing.

Saturday was the big league debut of Alfredo Figaro, who fanned seven in five innings, gave up two runs, and got his first win out of the way early. Who is Alfredo Figaro? He’s a 24-year-old righty who throws pretty hard, and IS THE COUSIN OF FERNANDO RODNEY. He also says things like this:

“I was a little bit nervous in the third inning,” Figaro said. “But then I thought in my mind, ‘You know what? That’s baseball. Throw your ball how you’ve thrown it for a long time and if he wants to hit, hit. And if he doesn’t, strike out.’ “

Figaro said his teammates poured beer on him in the clubhouse to help him celebrate his first win.

“I’m happy with that,” he said, “because I’m in the big leagues with all the stars, all the big guys. I’m very, very happy for that.

“I know they need a fifth starter. I can be that fifth starter. I believe in me.”

Chris Iott, MLive article

He thought in his mind! He believes in himself! I believe in you too, Alfredo! I believe that you are wee and adorable! I believe that the blood you share with Fernando will not automatically doom you to a career of frustrating, inconsistent, stressful outings. Prove me right.

Fernando actually threw a 1-2-3 inning to finish off the game for his cousin. Could this be the start of something beautiful?!

Sunday was basically the Return of Justin Verlander. He had a crummy outing in his last start, so this was precisely what he needed: nearly 8 innings, five hits, two runs, EIGHT strikeouts. Both the runs came off of singleshot homers.

Yovani Gallardo is nothing to sneeze at, so the fact that the Tigers were able to squeak out a win here (thank you Brandon Inge for your glorious three-run blast!) is legitimately commendable. And, hey, Fernando had another 1-2-3 inning, which I will note for the sake of fairness, given all the piling-on I generally do where Fernando is concerned.

Now! In addition to the mostly quality pitching and the bats that actually did things, the Tigers had 3 errors this entire series, all of which came in the slippery wet rain game, as opposed to the 6 errors they had against the Cardinals. Are the Tigers really getting their act together, or was this little burst of effectiveness just a combination of luck and Brewers? The Cubbies are coming to town, on a win streak of their own, so we shall see what we shall see.

I really hope it wasn’t just luck and Brewers.

ETA: OH, I nearly forgot! Look at who I saw at Fenway on Tuesday! :D

10 responses to “Tigers enjoy a brew

  1. Fiiiigarro. I knew it wouldn’t be too long after his major league debut that someone started singing opera whenever he was introduced. Sure enough, the guys on Baseball Tonight did it last night.
    Excellent series – even if Friday night was a little sloppy. I’m sorry poor FredFred has to be left out of the celebration, but we do want him obeying the law. :)

  2. Samara Pearlstein

    FredFred is still a child, we cannot expose him to these substances!
    Actually I think Paws is technically underage too, he was born in ’95, but I reckon that in cat years he’s old enough.

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    Still as cute as ever. Still as skinny as ever. He’s so skinny he needs two belts to hold his pants up.
    I’m also inordinately amused by the fact Figarrrrro is Rodney’s cousin.

  4. two Alfredo’s on ONE team??
    Poor Rick the Kid. I’d get him an Odouls.

  5. Samara Pearlstein

    ivan, you know, I didn’t think Miller was all that noticeable in his skinniness, among the Marlins (maybe because so many of them are still really young, and thus relatively wee), but he was very noticeable because of his height. He was TOWERING over practically everyone else who was on the field for BP.
    Tiff, just the one Alfredo, but we’ve got Freds of various sorts coming out the ears here. ;)

  6. Has anyone called him “Fettucine” yet? I think it’s high time somebody started.

  7. And now Freddy Dolsi’s back too!
    The Detroit Tigers: The Team of Freds

  8. And has anyone seen what Fu-Te Ni has been doing down in Toledo? I smell a call-up at any moment… You know how Smoky Jim loves to have two effective lefties in his bullpen at all times:
    Then we’d certainly win the most interesting nomenclature award… And raise your hand if you knew that Brandon Inge goes by his middle name, his first name is actually Charles.

  9. Samara Pearlstein

    Matt, if he turns in a pasta-like performance, we shall have to do so. Interpret that as you will.
    Heitk1le, they are most Fredful indeed.
    Jeff, I’m raisin’ my hand, I’m raisin’ it high!! I yell CHARLIE at the TV sometimes when I’m mad at him. You know, as normal people do. *cough*

  10. I am also raising my hand. I have been known to call him “Chuckie” during sub-par performances. Super bonus points to anyone who knows that one of his sons also has the first name Charles, but they don’t call HIM that either.

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