tragedy strikes: Magglio cuts his hair

Let’s get this out of the way first:


Jason Beck has the scoop.

“Change,” Ordonez said. “Overhauling. Maybe I hit like old Magglio.”

The first 90-degree day of the summer in Detroit might’ve also had an impact.

“Hot,” he said. “Too heavy.”

FSND’s Twitter has a picture of the new/old look. Sigh. It’s not bad, it’s just… it’s not as fun. And I LIKE fun, catdammit.

I have hastily compiled a timeline of my own photos of Magglio’s hair. You will note the changes in camera quality and photographic ability as we trundle through the years. These images range from 2005 up into the 2009 season.

Now you may truly understand what it is that we have lost.

15 responses to “tragedy strikes: Magglio cuts his hair

  1. ivantopumpyouup


  2. ivantopumpyouup


  3. This is the very picture of tragedy. I am saddened that he felt the need to do this. Blast the ballplayerish dedication to superstition! It is depriving us of the best things.

  4. I have faith. The hair shall return.

  5. Husband, taunting me: Guess who got a haircut?
    Me: Hurley? (our dog)
    Husband: No….
    Me: No. No.. NOOOOO!
    I didn’t even have to see the picture to know who he was referring to.
    Mags is my baseball pretend boyfriend.

  6. Those photos show just what the Tigers organization lost today.
    My old co-workers had a similar reaction when I decided to lop off my locks; they really liked how it curled on the shoulders.
    *sigh* Hopefully Magglio’s sacrifice will spark him and the Tigers to greater heights.

  7. sniff, whimper, tear, sob–WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

  8. Fear not, friends – the flowing locks will return, exuding even more power than before!
    Oh yeah – pretty good win last night, too… ;-)

  9. All the cool kids are doing it… (Anybody seen Vladimir Guerrero in the past few days? Dread locks no more.)
    But, seriously… ANYTHING to get him out of this slump. I, too, love the slump-busting traditions of ballplayers and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Giambi ‘stache last year for exactly this reason. Go forth and prosper, Magglio! And if hitting ensues (indeed, 2-for-4 last night), by all means, get it cut regularly!

  10. Did anyone see Leyland’s press conference after the game last night? Hysterical, absolutely hysterical. Someone asked him about Maggs’s game, and he mentioned the two hits and then went into a big long thing about how he’s jealous that Maggs had that much hair to cut off – and he’d have liked to have had the chance to have been there to collect the cutting and glue them onto his head… and on… and on…
    Although, perhaps if he really wants it, he can get it:
    I understand why Maggs did it… It’s just he doesn’t look like *our* Maggs, anymore. He looks like the Magglio Ordonez who used to play for the White Sox!

  11. And now a home run this afternoon… While an awful tragedy, I agree, clearly this haircut was a necessary evil.

  12. I’m usually all for long hair–but the haircut seems to be working. Maybe I should cut mine . . . maybe we should all get haircuts.
    “I see by the way you wear your hair that you’re either a Tiger fan or in chemotherapy . . .”

  13. Now that he’s cut it the question is: what breaks the luck? Does he needs to keep it short to keep hitting, or does it store up mojo, and he needs to let it grow until he’s in another slump?

  14. Samara Pearlstein

    I feel your pain, folks. I feel the pain of all.
    It does concern me that he’s hitting well right now, because it’s positive reinforcement for a behavior that we do not want to positively reinforce.
    Siani, the next logical moves, if necessary, are either going to the high socks, or doing something inevitably horrific with facial hair.

  15. What’s the world coming to? First Adam Morrison gets a haircut and now Magglio O. Yes, Magglio looks a bit younger with the short cut, but those long flowing locks were more sensual, more interesting. It was fun to watch his hair get longer and longer over the years–really the only reason to watch the Tigers–what a shame.

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