at least now we know we won't get swept by the Royals

photo by Samara Pearlstein

So I was at Fenway tonight (bear with me here). Beckett was pitching, Sox winning, crowd chanting “We want Nomar” at random intervals, much excitement, etc. Of course I was also scoreboard-watching the Tigers game, but since Fenway has that old school manual scoreboard, updates are… let us say, spotty.

Imagine then my UTTER DELIGHT when some wonderful soul in the video room decided to show brief highlights of the Royals/Tigers game between innings, when the scoreboard had been stuck on the 8th inning for, like, an hour. Marcus Thames, hitting a Comerica homerun, on the Fenway scoreboard! And then they finally let us see that the 8-5 score was final, and I heaved a sigh of relief and was able to go back to the very important business of loudly abusing Jason Giambi at all times.

I gather that this one was not exactly pretty, judging from the fact that Verlander gave up five runs with three of those in a single-inning chunk, and the fact that two runs were unearned due to the dreaded errors (in the boxscore it says that Laird’s error was ‘catcher interference’, what in the hell happened there?). I see that Verlander was relatively inefficient AGAIN (over 110 pitches in 6 innings). I note that Detroit ONLY hit homers or singles, with no other extra-base hits at all.

But I do also see some good stuff:

–Placido Polanco had another really good game. This time around he went 3-for-5 with 2 runs scored and 4 RBI, including a two-run homer. The singles are typical Polly, but two homeruns in a set of three series is not so usual for him. It’s nice to see, though– every indication that he’s getting his swing back into some sort of consistent order is a welcome one.

–Six Tigers walks! OK, one of those was apparently intentional. Still. A near-pathological fear of taking walks is one area in which the Tigers are sadly consistent; I keep hoping that they’ll get over it one of these days, even though they’ve showed no inclination to do so in any meaningful way yet.

–Verlander struck out 11 Royals, and didn’t walk a single one. So he was dead in the zone– I assume that had a little something to do with the five runs as well. I do enjoy seeing evidence that he has some sense of control over the ball, though.

–No damage from the bullpen, including Zoom. I shall assume that the glaring scared him into compliance.

–It also looks like Fernando pitched OK, of course he did, the little jerk, it was a save situation. But I also see that, of course, he had to put at least two men on base first, just to keep things interesting. You know, when Jonathan Papelbon took the mound to close out the Sox game, I did not automatically start cringing in fear. Something to think about.


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8 responses to “at least now we know we won't get swept by the Royals

  1. Stupidity happened with the Laird call – on the part of the umpire…
    No, really. I couldn’t tell from the replay, but Rod and Mario said the batter was too close to the back of the box. The ball was just about in Gerald’s glove when the batter swung and came into contact with said glove.
    Of course, if you were a KC fan, I suppose your interpretation might be a bit different.

  2. nice of them to put the game on for you!
    We need a good resting up during this allstar break, but I am reluctantly voting for Inge because its the Right Thing To Do.

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    Verlander had a lot of strikeouts, which contributed to the high pitch count. And he was also the victim of some shoddy defensive plays. Overall, though, I thought he was good. I’d give his performance a B.
    Fernando gets a big fat stinkin’ C for walking two flipping batters, IIRC. And the umpire kind of helped him out with some generous high strikes, too. Ridic.

  4. Samara Pearlstein

    Heitk1le, bleh. Well, thanks for explaining. It really SHOULDN’T be Laird’s fault if the problem was that the batter was standing practically on top of him, but whatever, presumably the ump knows what he’s about and made a good call and blah blah sulk.
    Tiff, I got seriously excited like a big dork. TIGERS HIGHLIGHTS! IN FENWAY! And the way I figure it re: Inge, yes, he probably could use the rest, but when will he ever have the numbers to get into an ASG again? We must seize the opportunity while it exists.
    ivan, see, if Verlander HADN’T already made a habit of throwing zillions of pitches as early as possible, I would be less :/ over his numbers this time ’round, because of the high K count and so on. But he HAS made a habit of it, and he’s just not going to be as helpful to the team if he’s always having to come out in the 5th or 6th inning due to pitch count, you know? Eh. I’m being picky.

  5. Yup, Rodney’s 3rd strike on DeJesus was a gift from ump – I like to thin k of it as payback for the last geme in Minnesota when Lyon really struck out Nick Punto but didn’t get the call, and then the inning went right into the dumper…

  6. Inge is in first! But still keep voting

  7. yup Kevin! keep votin’ Brandon is ” Mr. Tiger”!

  8. I keep voting for Inge and can’t wait to see four Tigers at the All-Star game next week!
    Good to see the Tigers get over on Greinke tonight. They are starting to play like they mean it again. It’s good to be back at Comerica.

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