Verlander hits his career high in Ks, again, but this time something is different…

photo thing by Samara Pearlstein

I will admit that I just enjoyed how startled Verlander looked there, like he’s totally surprised to find himself surrounded by Ks. All these fine letters, where have they come from, what am I doing here, so on and so forth!

As you may recall, back in May Justin Verlander set his career high in strikeouts with 13, and then the bullpen made a feeble blargle noise and the Tigers lost the game. You will of course recall how ridiculous this was. Well, it turns out that all was NOT lost, at least not entirely, because on Wednesday Justin Verlander hit his career high in K-throwin’ once again by striking out 13 Rangers.

And this time the Tigers won!

~*~don’t faint, my children, it’s a miracle~*~

Was Verlander perfect? No he was not: in fact, he gave up four runs (three earned) in seven innings, which on a ‘normal’ Tigers night these days would not be nearly enough for a win, because the bats would be too busy making feeble blargle noises of their own to get more than one or two runs. In this game, however, the Hitting Vortex was temporarily banished, and the Big Cats managed to put up 13 run on 19 hits.

The River Thames, Miggy, and G-Money all doubled. Polanco doubled twice. The River and Miggy also both homered, with Granderson hitting two homeruns all on his own. Eleven Tigers had at-bats in the game, and only two failed to get a single hit: Magglio, who was 0-for-4, and Inge, who pinch hit and thus only had one at-bat to work with.

Ryan Raburn and Adam Everett both had 3 hits on the day. G-Money stole a base, basically forced a bad throw home, and manufactured a run with his catcher’s legs. Miguel Cabrera went 4-for-6 with 4 RBI.

Crazysauce? You bet your pants it’s crazysauce. Where did this come from? How is it possible for the Tigers to pry themselves away from the Hitting Vortex, which has been sucking them dry on the road ever since, like, June? And was this just a temporary reprieve, or are they going to fall right back into the Vortex’s gravitational pull since they’re continuing on a road trip? And, and, and…

I need to calm down. Justin Verlander is not asking these questions. Right now he’s probably just happy that he finally got a win to go along with his top K contribution, and he’s probably happy that the bats gave him a really big cushion, so that he didn’t have to worry about the bullpen Ruining Everything once he left the game.

(Yes, he threw over 100 pitches again. If you haven’t been keeping track, this means that out of 22 starts this season, Verlander has thrown 100+ pitches 18 times. He is averaging a little over 104 pitches per start this year, but at the same time he’s averaging somewhere between 6 and 7 innings per start, so it’s not like he’s accumulating all those pitches by throwing complete games every time out.)

And I’m slipping into nitpicky paranoia again. This was a pretty good game, and the bits that weren’t so good were masked by the much larger and noisier bits that WERE good. The Tigers have an offday on Thursday, then start a series in Cleveland against the Racist Logos.

Weather permitting, I will be at the ballpark for Saturday’s FredFred/Carmona matchup! I will be wearing a Brandon Inge All Star Game jersey and I’ll be clutching a huge dorky camera like a huge dork. If you see me, feel free to come say hi. RotTin’ will recommence after the weekend, as usual.

3 responses to “Verlander hits his career high in Ks, again, but this time something is different…

  1. This game has revealed a characteristic of the Hitting Vortex that we had not previously considered. It seems that sometimes a random breeze wandering by will flip a bit somewhere at the base of the Vortex, which inverts the Vortex, turning it into a Hitting Explosion! However, this bit is vulnerable, and the next breeze to come by is liable to flip it again. Now, if only we could locate it, and shield it from breezes and hold it firmly in the Explosion position.

  2. Samara Pearlstein

    Less, we may have to consult Paws. He is, after all, the expert on these things. But it may be that the Hitting Vortex is a force of nature, not to be controlled, barely predictable, and the best we can hope for is damage control. :/
    Kevin, ha ha, I know… not so much a trade as a sale, though, isn’t it? ;)

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