now presenting Jarrod Washburn

Click the illustration to see it bigger.

OK, so his first outing didn’t go so well. He thought he had escaped the team that gave him no run support, but the joke’s on him! The Tigers only give the ILLUSION of run support, so long as nobody looks at them too closely. Ha ha! What japery!

Of course when you give up six runs in 5.1 innings, the support of your hitters isn’t really your main problem. It was a little worrying to see a guy who gave up three homers in all of July give up two in one game (in Comerica!), but it was his first game with a new team, he’s playing baseball that matters for the first time in a while, he really wants Edwin Jackson to think he’s a cool dude, I understand. We can cut him some slack and see how it goes in his next few starts.

In other news,

–Casey The Fiend Fien was sent back down and Wilkin Ramirez was called up. He hit leadoff against the left-handed Brian Matusz while Granderson got some rest, and went 0-for-3. Oh well.

–Immediately after this game Wilkin was bounced from the big league roster, this time along with Dusty Ryan. Chris Lambert and Alex Avila were called up. Lambert, as we know, is a reliever, and Avila is a catcher. Interesting. I assume the removal of the extra outfielder means that Carlos Guillen is close to ready to take up his nominal position in left again.

–Bobby Seay participated in a chat over at the mothership today, which I don’t particularly recommend reading because the only thing he revealed is that he’s incredibly boring. Figured I’d mention it anyways.

–Bondo and Nate were supposed to pitch for Toledo tonight as they skid on down along the greasy, filthy rails of injury rehab. I haven’t seen anything on their respective outings yet, but presumably if someone’s arm fell off, we would have heard.

–Losing to the Orioles at home. Sigh.

11 responses to “now presenting Jarrod Washburn

  1. washburn had one bad outing

  2. Samara Pearlstein

    good insight, dude, thanks for sharing.

  3. Seay revealed that he considers Red Bull to be “refreshing.” Also, that if he wasn’t a baseball player, he would be a meteorologist.
    The chat suffered from a disappointing lack of japery.
    Robertson threw 39 pitches, 2.2 IP, allowed only a solo HR. Bonderman threw 13 pitches, 1 IP, retired all three batters. All of which begs the question, why is the Buffalo team known as the BisonS?

  4. Hilarious illustration. Young Simba will surely do better next time.

  5. Yeah, the only redeeming part of last night’s game is your illustration today…
    On a more positive note, I’ll get to see the Tigers live and in person (from the bleachers) in Fenway on Aug 12. Maybe the boys can find a way to hot (and win) on the road (after they win the next few at home).

  6. The placid look on Washburn’s face up there is what really makes it.

  7. Samara Pearlstein

    Re: the terrible cartoon, thanks guys. ;) It’s the least I can do.
    Mike, ah ha ha ha ha are they really the Bisons? That’s so terrible it’s amazing.
    Sparky, I might see you there! I’m definitely gonna be at the Tuesday and Thursday Tigs/Sox games, and I’m going to be at either the Monday or Wednesday as well, just not sure which one yet.

  8. Whoo! If you can do Wednesday, the power of the Tigers might well become unstoppable!

  9. Real BIG! sigh here,too. It really seems like desperation! Maybe we could get Kirk to come back in September,for a few bottem of the ninth situations. I do love this Tiger Teem! I Beleive they can “get er done” hey…………you gotta keep “Hope Alive” !

  10. Young Simba will surely do better next time.
    OMG, suddenly it all becomes clear to me! The Tiger King!

  11. Yep, the Bobby Seay chat was dull. I read through a quarter of it and decided to pass it by.
    I know Jarrod had a bad outing, but I’m not worried about him….he’ll come around.
    Wish our hitting would.

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