enter the SeayLyon

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Finally, there he is.

Today’s SeayLyon outing was not exactly perfect– the lefthand half of the creature gave up a couple of hits and a run– but I didn’t have that much to say about the game, and it was high time for you all to get a look at our pinnipedal friend. Feast your eyes upon his fleshy form. I assure you he is much more graceful in the water.

–Alex Avila made his major league debut at catcher today. He went 2-for-4 with a double, an RBI, and a run scored. That ain’t half bad for your first game. His mom had to cover her eyes during his first at-bat, the stress was too great. No worries Mrs. Avila, your boy did a good thing, he did not freak out or fail spectacularly or in any way besmirch the Avila name.

–Even though FredFred didn’t go too deep (5.2 innings), it was heartening to see him pitch what ended up being a winning effort with Avila behind the plate. The combined age of the Tigers’ starting battery today was still younger than Andy Van Slyke. It could have turned into a blind-leading-the-blind situation, but instead everyone remained calm and everyone did their research and we all got through it ~*~together~*~.

–I love Ramon Santiago Comerica triples almost as much as I love decisive Brandon Inge home runs. ALMOST as much. In any event it is good to see the Tigers turning out extra base hits every now and then, you will recall what an issue that was during the series in Cleveland.

–Back in the division, we take on the Twinkies next. Arrrrmando goes up against a dude named Swarzak, which always makes me want to say Sleestak. Hopefully he won’t actually be one of those. We wouldn’t want to give Arrrrmando nightmares.

–(Speaking of nightmares, has anyone else noticed that Brandon Inge seems to be trying to grow a mustache? It’s kind of visible in HD, I don’t know how well you can see it on a regular TV or MLBtv. But I am pretty sure that is what I am seeing, and if my eyes do not deceive me I am not happy about it. Not happy at all.)

17 responses to “enter the SeayLyon

  1. The SeayLyon image was surprisingly more disturbing than I was expecting it to be. But you did capture the creature away from its natural habitat (the mound), so I guess that’s to be expected.
    Yay to decisive Inge home runs (he must have noticed he made the “Not” list in this week’s SI “Hot or Not” list and decided to do something about it.) But Boo to Inge attempting a mustache – I was hoping that it was just a shadow and that I was merely imagining things, but I guess if I was, I’m not the only one.
    To look on the bright side, it’s better than him shaving his head.

  2. So…happy…:-)

  3. Samara Pearlstein

    Heitk1le, when you think about it, how could it NOT be a disturbing image? I mean, really now. ;)
    I dunno if it’s better than him shaving his head. Shaving his head made him look stupid, if he achieves mustachedom he might end up looking like some sort of molester…
    Matt, ha ha, this one’s for you!

  4. I did a double take at the mustache today, myself. He was bound to enter puberty eventually.

  5. Samara Pearlstein

    But if the mustache is a herald of puberty, what purpose did the pre-pubescent landing strip serve…? You know what, maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that one.

  6. My first thought when seeing this was “My goodness, it’s horrifying! Somebody sensor its grotesque appearance.” But then I realized that reaction wasn’t any different than the one I get looking at each of their real faces.

  7. OMG, wow. The SeayLyon is… just. well, it’s amazingly great.
    Speaking of things you can see in HD – did anyone else see little Alex spitting out of the corner of his mouth? I noticed it in his first at-bat. And I thought to myself – I have never seen that before.

  8. Speaking of things you can’t see even in HD, how did the cameras miss this? From today’s Freep: “As he rounded the bases after his home run, Inge wiped dirt off his face. Apparently, good friend Aubrey Huff, the Orioles’ first baseman, provided a dirt facial as Inge rounded the base. Inge said he tried to keep from laughing as he trotted around.”

  9. Can we hope that the mustache was just dirt from the Aubrey Huff throw?

  10. ivantopumpyouup

    That SeayLyon is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.
    Even more amazing than the thing I whipped up in Photoshop!
    (Actually, I think I used pictures that were taken by you, so you get partial credit on this . . . masterpiece. :P)
    Also Brandon’s molestache needs to go.

  11. It’s the little sealion ears that really get me.

  12. Ha ha. After two more days it is no more of a mustache. I am also a huge Inge fan and just loved the two plays in the 9th inning today! He is amazing with the bare-handed catch.

  13. SeaLyon pix is disturbing…I agree it is the ears. But enough about that. Lyon is still great but Seay — not my favorite.
    I am anxiously awaiting to see YOUR favorites SAM in the Tigers vs. Bosox games this week.
    What happens when your “worlds” collide??

  14. The Seay Lyon is actually a really disturbing image. I expected a much more pet-able creature; if that is an actual adjective. The thing that I found most disturbing in the last week though was that Uggie apparently stopped stalking the Tigers. I, as an avid Tiger fan, want to know where Ugueth Urbina is. He made an impressive appearance in Seattle, but has been MIA since. Without out him who could possibly burn all our farm hands without remorse. Hopefully he will find his way to the Boston area, as this is most definitely a crucial series for the two most beloved teams of our instigator. GO Tigers!

  15. Samara Pearlstein

    Brian, ha ha ha, harsh!
    Phil, that seems dangerous… like he’d be dribbling down his shirt a lot.
    Less, Heitk1le, see the latest Terrible Cartoon. ;)
    ivan, ha ha ha, yes, I recognize those heads! I’m glad to see they’ve been put to such good/worrying use.
    Frogman, all the better to hear Rick Knapp with…
    Sarah, you know it’s gonna take him a year to grow that thing to anything like fullness. Assuming he can EVER get there.
    Sharon, Seay hasn’t been bad this year though! He actually has the exact same WHIP as Lyon right now…
    Oh, when the Tigers play the Sox I go kind of crazy. Rooting all over the place. It’s like Little League, I want EVERYONE to win. I do so love when they come to Fenway though, that’s when I get to see the most of them.
    MSUpride, the SeayLyon is all sleek there ’cause it just heaved its bulk out of the water. So maybe when it’s properly dry it looks more pet-able. I was definitely picturing more of a mammoth blubbery elephant seal though, so that was important to get across. ;)
    As for Ugie, we shall see– they only let him out for special occasions, you know, it was quite a serious offense…

  16. Is there anyway I can get a print of the SeayLyon? That is AWSOME!

  17. Samara Pearlstein

    Ha ha, yes, I sell prints of all sorts of things– drawings, photos, etc. Feel free to email me (bluecatsredsox at gmail dot com) if you’re interested!

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