cue the paint huffing jokes: Tigers acquire Aubrey Huff

photo by Samara Pearlstein

So yeah. We got this guy. Aubrey Huff, Brandon Inge’s dirt-chucking little friend.

He’s not going to play at first base, so I assume he’ll DH. Why we desperately needed a DH who’s OPSing .725 right now is not abundantly clear to me, although I guess the fact that he’s a lefty is sort of nice? So Carlos will definitely have to play in left now, and The River is pretty much out of luck, and Clete, presumably, gets less playing time as well.

If Carlos still can’t play left field, then Huff will… uh… well, he’ll bounce around first and third and the outfield. The upside of this, I suppose, is that it gives Leyland more flexibility in his lineup choices. Since everyone in the universe is injured it will also give Leyland more opportunities to rest these Cats every now and then– i.e. since Huff can play third better than Raburn can (ahem), he can give Brandon Inge’s screaming knees a break.

In return the Orioles get Brett Jacobson and the delicious, freeing sensation that comes of not having to pay Huff’s contract anymore.

Zoom was moved to the 60 day DL to get Huff onto the team, but nobody cares because Joel Zumaya is, in a baseball sense, dead to us at the moment anyways. The actual roster move that will be necessary to get Huff on the 25-man roster has not been made yet. I’ll update this post when I hear what it is.

ETA: Eddie Bonine got Toledo’d, apparently that was the move. Also, Chris Lambert was DFA’d, but that was because the Tigers signed one of their draft picks to a big league deal and needed room on the 40-man roster, not because Aubrey Huff is so powerful a force that he has to kick THREE Cats out just so that he can fit in.

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